A collection of major card issuers are rolling out the new Click to Pay e-commerce standard across the globe.

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Click to Pay claims 10,000 firms on board in the US

American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover claim to have signed up more than 10,000 merchants in the US since launching Click to Pay in 2019.

The group is pushing it out to 14 new countries, with more planned afterwards. The new markets include the UK, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and Australia.

Click to Pay promises a frictionless payment experience for customers and merchants.

From a customer perspective the solution is similar to those provided by providers like PayPal. A user logs into the payment account, linked to a retailer to process the transaction.

The solution doesn’t require the customer to have their card number handy, or to have it saved in a browser.

Click to Pay is based on EMV Secure Remote Commerce standard developed by EMVco. The initial documentation for the specs were released in June 2019. EMVco is a consortium of Europay, Mastercard and Visa.

The EMV standard claims to be able to prevent card not present (CNP) fraud by removing the need for a customer enter identifiable information to make a payment.

EMVco hopes to push its standard globally to prevent integration and interoperability issues among vendors, merchants, and customers.

“To grow acceptance beyond existing merchants, each network is beginning work with its payments service providers, gateways and acquirers across the ecosystem,” the group states.

Partners include ACI Worldwide, Aurus, Braintree (a PayPal Service), Cybersource, Global Payments, and Mastercard Payment Gateway Services.

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