As New Yorkers Move to the Suburbs, Dr. Mukaram Gazi Offers Advice on Selecting a Doctor


Dr. Mukaram Gazi has advice on what patients should look for when selecting new doctors.

Hamilton, New Jersey – April 7, 2021 – As the Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged New York City, many new and long-term residents have fled the boroughs for the burbs. For those residents who have moved to the suburbs and need to find new doctors, Dr. Mukaram Gazi has some advice on what to look for in a new physician.

Only Consider Board-Certified or -Eligible Physicians

First, it is best to consider doctors who are either board-certified or board-eligible. The vast majority of qualified doctors are already board-certified in their respective medical fields. However, some newer doctors are only board-eligible because they haven’t yet had an opportunity to take the medical boards. A board-eligible doctor who hasn’t taken the medical boards can be just as good as a board-certified one.

The overseeing body a medical doctor is board-certified by depends on the physician’s specialty. For example, Dr. Mukaram Gazi is board-certified by the American Board of Urology because he’s a urologist. A doctor in a different specialty is certified by their respective medical board.

Select a Primary Care Doctors and Specialist Doctors

The first type of doctor that residents should look for is a primary care physician. This doctor both attends to basic medical needs, such as checkups and sick appointments and acts as a point of contact for other physicians. Any specialists that a patient sees can share their diagnoses and treatments with a primary care physician, so the primary care has an overall picture of a patient’s health and treatment.

Depending on residents’ medical needs, they might also have to find specialists to go to. Specialists include urologists like Dr. Mukaram Gazi, orthopedists, neurologists, and many others. Residents can discuss with their primary care physician whether they should be seeing any specialists regularly.

Consider Doctors Like Dr. Mukaram Gazi, Who Are Associated With a Medical School

For the most up-to-date treatment, Dr. Mukaram Gazi suggests looking for physicians associated with a medical school in the area. Medical schools regularly make advancements in treatment and diagnosis options, and their staff has access to the latest technology and information. In some cases, physicians at medical schools can offer solutions that physicians who aren’t affiliated with a school may not have access to.

The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on much of the medical field. One thing that residents who have relocated from New York City to the surrounding suburbs can make sure they have new doctors ready to treat them when necessary.

Dr Mukaram Gazi



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