Qamar Zaman who has been best rated SEO in the legal SEO space and also written a book on Google SEO, has transformed a unique platform now being used by SEO agencies and law firms to get quality leads that become cases.

New York, NY – – For more than 15 years, SEO expert Qamar Zaman has been helping law firms gain clients through an effective content marketing strategy – storytelling.

Amid COVID-19, Qamar launched KISS PR Storytelling platform that offers a unique way to tell law firm stories. This creates brand awareness for the law firms using big media and also helps build liking and trust. The initial concept was first developed and tested in 2008 by Zaman and his strategic partner, Rene Perras. The concept was used by many law firms in Dallas, NYC, Philadelphia, Raleigh, NC, San Francisco.

Two of their success cases studies are Keith Clouse, a Dallas Employment Lawyer who was an early adopter to Zaman technology and Joe Barnard, a professional liability insurance professional for lawyers and CPAs.

Qamar said that these days, with the pandemic and business disruption, lawyers and law firms can stay on top of their game by using digital storytelling and SEO.

Other Great Platforms for Storytelling

Aside from his storytelling platform, Qamar also leverages other content marketing channels to help his clients get easily found in the SERPs (search engine result pages) and get higher visibility on social media. He has also provided a great resource for lawyers here. Why Your Law Firm Struggles With Marketing And How To Fix It

  1. Zoom Video – Creating webinars and live videos using Zoom is one of the game-changers in the digital marketing industry. If a law firm wants to reach out to their prospects in real-time, organizing a Q&A session, or even hosting an event for a particular cause can now be done live through Zoom.
  2. Google My Business Post – Billions of searches are done daily in Google Search. Providing prospects a regular update or sharing legal tips through GMB post gives a law firm an edge against their competitors. Zaman has co-authored a book on Google My Business with a top business and podcast expert AdamTorres.
  3. Leadership Features – In Qamar’s more than 15 years in the industry, he has already established connections with the leading influencers in various niches and spaces. For law firms, building a reputation as a highly trusted and credible leader in their field of expertise is a necessity. This is where Qamar and his team of digital marketing experts use PR to position his clients as thought leaders.
  4. Instagram Post and Stories – Gen Z, the generation born between the middle of the 1990s and 2000s, are avid Instagram users. As this audience grows into adulthood, harnessing their potential as clients means building a strong social media presence.

For law firms that want to get the blue check verified profile on Instagram, Qamar has a solution for them. He shares how it works for some of his clients. They used his storytelling platform to publish press releases to popular news media sites, and then these pickups help them get a verified Instagram profile.

  1. LinkedIn Content – When a law firm wants to become a thought leader in their field of expertise, they must learn how to use LinkedIn to boost personal branding for their attorneys. LinkedIn doesn’t only help a brand get more visibility online but also helps a law firm and its attorneys establish their authority as influencers.
  2. YouTube Videos – Every law firm should consider YouTube as part of their content marketing strategy. Reaching out to prospects through their own YouTube channel is another effective way of establishing trust and building a reputable image online that can help increase visibility and referrals.Attorney_SEO_Maestro_Qamar_Zaman_Invents_Law_Firm_Storytelling_-_Music_for_Law_Firms__-_Google_Docs

The Nine-Step Process Qamar Zaman Uses to Get Quality Cases For Law Firms

Qamar shared that using the right platforms is just laying the right foundation, but the real test of a great content marketing strategy is how its process gets done. He said that he uses a nine-step process to help his law firm clients get quality cases.

Here’s how law firms can tell their story and get seen using authority content.

Step 1 – Start with a WHY? – Why run a content marketing campaign? Determine content marketing goals – boost awareness, increase sales, establish a firm as a thought leader, and the like.

Step 2 – Determine the target audience – The need to pinpoint the demographic of the people who are more likely to avail of a particular service or product is very important because this helps in crafting the right content that resonates with them. It means creating content the target audience can easily relate with.

Step 3 – Determine the pain of the target audience – What are the problems the target audience are experiencing? Knowing this can help in creating informative and useful content.

Step 4 – How to help ease the pain of the target audience – The content should address the specific issues that caused problems to the target audience. It helps in determining practical solutions that work.

Step 5 – Create a solution to the target audience problem – Content that provides answers to the target audience problem gets easily shared. It is an essential part of content development.

Step 6 – Determine the intent of the target audience – For content to answer the problems of the target audience accurately and to get more visibility in the SERPs, determining intent is essential.

For example, a person living in Texas that uses the keyword “Top Lawyers in New York” has very different intent compared to a person living in New York that types in “18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer NYC.” The former can be someone who is just researching information about New York’s top attorneys. But, the latter is someone who is looking for legal representation from a New York personal injury lawyer.

Step 7 – Promote the solution to high authority news websites – For content to get the highest visibility, the need to distribute it to major news platforms is essential. It is where press release distribution comes in. When content gets picked up by major news websites, a firm can reach out to many of its target audiences, the ones they cannot reach through their blog or website.

Step 8 – Target audience finds the solution and shares to their network – This is the most exciting part of the process as this determines if the content works or not. Readers who find the content informative and useful will most likely share it with their network or even write or blog about it.

Step 9 – Business gets organic brand visibility and leads – The final part of the process determines if goals are achieved or not. Analytics, such as Google Analytics, SEM Rush, and MOZ Pro, can help in tracking how a particular content brings in organic traffic and leads.

Zaman concluded that storytelling, using the right platforms, and getting the content marketing process right can help law firms boost brand awareness, improve visibility, and in the long term, increase their regular flow of quality cases.

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