Some people use cannabis every once in a while, and others consume it every day. Whether you use marijuana recreationally, medicinally, or both, buying in bulk to save money can make sense if you’re a heavy user.

There are legal limits to how much cannabis an individual can buy, which can vary by location. However, there are also cannabis buyers and dispensaries that need to purchase stock.

While others buy by the ounce, bulk buyers purchase by the pound. The shape, size, and density of the flower can vary according to the strain, so the only way to know how much cannabis you are buying is to weigh it. There is a standard measurement that sellers use to sell bulk weed, which converts grams to ounces and pounds, so be sure you understand those conversions when purchasing in bulk.

The Cost of Cannabis

The cost of weed will vary according to the product’s quality and the location from which you are buying. Location isn’t just about transport costs and climate. It also involves factors like licensing regulatory frameworks, which affect state and local tax rates levied on both businesses and consumers. You should also consider how restrictive or lenient the regulations on cannabis production are in a particular area. Restrictive cannabis results in fewer suppliers, creating a seller’s market. Less restrictive markets will have more suppliers, leading to lower prices.

MoneyBrighter Cannabis is available in many forms, which can affect the pricing as well. Sellers usually price cannabis flowers according to quality, demand, and cannabinoid and terpene results. The time-intensive extraction processes can also drive the cost up, whether the product is created through ethanol extraction, steam distillation, or water extraction.

Edibles, topicals, and tinctures also require packaging, and some states require that cultivators, extractors, and product manufacturers use child-safe packaging, which can add costs to the final product.

British Columbia has the most wholesale dispensaries in Canada, but you can find dispensaries in other provinces as well. Online wholesale MOM (Mail Order Marijuana) dispensaries sell in pounds, half-pounds, or quarter-pounds. These bulk MOMs sell their weed as a bundle at reduced prices.

When buying weed in bulk in Canada, you can expect wholesale prices of high-quality cannabis flowers to range between $350 and $2,500. Canadian MOMs also sell concentrates, shatter ($500 to $700 per ounce), hash (the wholesale price of approximately $275 per gram), and resin. Depending on the amount you buy, you can save up to 40 percent on your purchase.

Optimizing Usage

If you can legally buy bulk cannabis, you can have some serious savings, as you’ll be getting more for your money. Additionally, there are many other ways you can stretch your weed supply.

Prioritize when you use cannabis. Instead of taking it before you have to concentrate or work, save it for a time, you can relax and fully enjoy the experience. Reduce the number of joints and blunts that you smoke per day and eventually per week. Creating cannabis naturally takes a lot of flowers, so treat its consumption as a luxury.

Cannabis is a social drug, but do you need to share it with so many people? Particularly, those that don’t contribute to the pot. Cut off the mooches, and your cannabis stash will go further.

What to Buy

Buying from retailers will limit you to the maximum amount (roughly the equivalent of 30 grams of dried cannabis). Due to the pandemic and social distancing rules, the government has made it easier for retailers to provide home delivery services for cannabis.

If you need bulk quantities, you can buy by the pound from a licensed wholesaler. Although they prefer to sell cannabis products in mixed bundles, which include multiple varieties, you may be able to find a few single product deals.

3 Tips for Keeping Weed Fresh

If you don’t store weed properly, it can either dry out or grow mold. Dry weed loses potency and flavor, while moldy weed can be a health risk. Here are some tips to help keep your weed fresh:

  1. Control Temperature: Cannabis is sensitive to extreme temperatures and fluctuations, so don’t store it in the freezer or near the oven. Freezing can turn your weed into hash because the cold temperatures separate the trichomes from the buds. Trichomes contain the cannabinoids and terpenes of a flower. Additionally, if the fridge’s temperature fluctuates, it will create moisture resulting in mold on your cannabis. Storing weed near a heat source (like a radiator or oven) is also not ideal because it will dry the cannabis. A stable, cool temperature is best.
  2. Manage Humidity: For cannabis, moisture is about balance. Too much, and you get molds, but too little, and your cannabis becomes dry. Humidity fluctuations are also harmful—you should aim for consistency. The ideal range for cannabis is 59% and 63% relative humidity.
  3. Choose the Right Container: the best container for cannabis is glass. Opt for an airtight mason jar to store your cannabis. If you use plastic or metal, be sure to do so only for short periods. After a while, it can affect the aroma and flavor of the cannabis.

Make it Last

You can substantially reduce your cannabis bill by simply buying in bulk. Not only do you save money, but you won’t have to worry about running out. If you do buy a lot of cannabis, make sure that you store it properly.