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One BC born cannabis retailer is taking strides in the digital world through the metaverse by becoming one of the first Canadian dispensaries to offer a virtual cannabis reality.

Seed & Stone has just bought a plot of land in a 3D virtual world platform. Seed & Stone owner Vikram Sachdeva’s goal is to revolutionize the cannabis retail perspective in a digital lifeform, so host users can enjoy their favorite products and strains with like-minded individuals while having flexibility in consumption that you cannot experience in the real world currently.

Sachdeva purchased the land in early February which is located near the Star Kingdom in a well-known digital platform, which can be found at This land will be used to implement a virtual dispensary and consumption lounge where host users are invited to socialize and be a part of a community, with the ability to purchase cannabis products and merchandise. Host users will also find educational features where you can learn about legal cannabis and all it has to offer.

With the present-day regulations that Canadian cannabis companies face, they are limited to what they can advocate and offer consumers. Buying land in the metaverse allows cannabis companies to advance their offerings and provide consumers an interactive environment within a safe and controlled area.

“This is going to change the way users interact with cannabis,” said Sachdeva. “The space is 100% decentralized, so we can offer an out of world experience with no restrictions that the cannabis industry faces in the real world.”

With social media players like Facebook advancing into virtual reality, it demonstrates a clear example of how technology is evolving. The opportunities within virtual reality are endless, with younger audiences becoming more familiar in cashless currency, the more these purchasing habits will be applied to everyday transactions in the future.

“As a cannabis user, I would jump on this right away,” said Sachdeva. “A virtual reality that allows a consumer to effortlessly socialize with community members and elevate their consumption is something that is unparalleled. Some consumers are reluctant to physically visit a dispensary based on the societal views associated to cannabis, so entering the metaverse will help break down these barriers and give consumers a more convenient way to engage with cannabis with the option to bond with other users. This is the way technology is moving and I want Seed & Stone to be a part of this new and exciting evolution.”

Seed & Stone is a BC born Cannabis Boutique with 4 locations situated in Chilliwack and Victoria. In addition to 2 new stores in Delta and White Rock that are opening in the Spring of 2022, more locations in exciting areas will be announced in the next upcoming months. Seed & Stone is in partnership with the Songhees Nation of Victoria to support Indigenous initiatives throughout their stores, serving the cannabis community with passion and trust.

The Boutique offers a unique, custom buying experience providing high quality products including flowers, pre-rolls, concentrates, tinctures, edibles, topicals and many more CBD products with pickup and delivery options. Current products in addition to new products, merchandise, and delivery will be brought into the metaverse where consumers can enjoy cannabis related products in a virtual reality.

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