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Ms. Fitzgerald unconditionally requests cautions to all humanity for the diverse sources of issues and situations to further prosper.

(Cleopatra was awarded the United Federation of Teachers English Award for her writings.)

Introduction: How we conduct ourselves at present, it is how our society will come to be. For we have to see that things from the beginning had been in this mode -from the chronological chart of time we shall have the perception of what went wrong to perceive ahead the plan lists of progression.

If nothing is done our world would not be saved and we will regret the extinction of humankind.

If we do not alter our comportment of proper conduct with a rectitude towards productivity -and why is it that? And if it is not now when?

If we are not able to perform our evolvement will fluctuate within the coming years.

Thus, you should now know that by comparing and contrasting the outcome of pessimistic thoughts and optimistic concepts will

determine the past errors and innovative future from the consequences. The consumers will learn to keep on surviving healthily, mentally, spiritually, physically, and economically.

Economically for a most precious Earth with exact guidelines

of enhanced norms, rhetoric, and sincere multi-ethnic cordiality or all sorts of decorums shall keep us aligned to perceive a balance of these mentioned above.

With non-medical (but from natural instincts) aesthetics, and not to be programmed, innate sentiments would fill the notion of

emotion, the incentive which motivates us to let us know the adequate potential and accurate intuitions and protectiveness.

If humans’ feelings have Illogical causes or untaught minds, it is fundamental to study the non-effective system through vital statistics records and indexes. It is also necessary to analyze the varied adverse reactions of misjudgement that instead leads to a stance of nonsense of not living well enough. Having good judgement to be a benevolent, innocent person rather than being a malevolent non-conscious criminal with malicious intentions.

Without enthusiasm of the spirit, persons would remain immobile, silent without any improvements for them to be animated and have instinct, motivations, passion to believe in themselves.

Thus, we can see that through the circle of life people have the actions to help, to interchange benefits with respect to life performance, the agility to revolve not in hate but with love that constructively

creates the choices that reconcile differences by bringing about the resolution of conflicts through comprehension and peacekeeping for generations to come.


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