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Writer and spoken word poet Alicea Joy Davis is ready to take national division by storm with her soul touching lyrics. From Grateful, which is a homage to whites who have helped her and other blacks throughout their struggle, to Colorblindness, a beautiful plea to use the fullness of sight to take in the vastness of various ethnicities. You have to see the official video to get the full effect of her gift to us all. This heart-moving approach does not confront with hostility but compels us with riveting images. She founded Esteem Builders Productions, Inc. A company that houses her intellectual property used to heal our nation.

Davis is determined to dig deeper. She believes that if a person heals the deepest wounds in their soul, with help from God, then they will be stronger citizens who can help heal the racial divide in the most productive way, which is by building relationships. For this reason, she has also written poetry to help heal our most broken relationships, those wounds from our family of origin.

Davis notes that it may be harder to forgive your parents who may have abused you, than it is to forgive a racist who may have discriminated against you. She tackles both soul wounds in her poem, A Secret To Success. She believes that forgiving her own stepfather and eventually her mother for the extreme childhood trauma she went through lead her to finding her purpose in life. She wants to help others find the same type of healing.

If you are not a fan of poetry you may still like Davis’ work. Many of her followers are not poetry enthusiast, they simply appreciate the stone cracking truths in her lyrics. Davis’ work is Christ-centered. It has to be a greater power behind her talent. This explains the way she has helped people overcome their deepest regrets and most violated offenses that were committed against them. She has testimonials from those who have been human trafficked to those who were severely abused in their childhood homes.

Can poetry help solve the racial divide? Many studies have proven the power of art therapy and PBS recently explored this truth in their episode “Healing benefits of poetry” on March 3, 2020. When you read Davis’ literature and hear the power in her voice you may find yourself asking, “Where has she been all this time?”

To which she answers, “I was preparing for the long-haul of a road to racial reconciliation which will take more than protesting and marching. As a nation we need to use social skills tools, strength and courage to get to know those around us who were once considered enemies. The very virtues of God had to come into full maturity in my life so that I can help others find love, joy and peace through humanity’s battle of social change.”

Visit www.WeAreFor.love to view an overwhelmingly good wealth of information created by Davis on her community website. Visit www.AliceaDavis.com to learn more about her spoken word artistry and more.

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