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Despite health problems, a young man from Germany develops a new type of 2-in-1 thermos Flask.




ThermoTom – Never come home thirsty again! 




Most people struggle to maintain their health by not drinking fresh drinks since it is hard to keep the desired temperature of hot and cold drinks, even with a thermos flask. Concerning the health problems, finding a quality EDC thermos of stainless-steel material has always been a problem to increase daily well-being. Thinking about carrying an extra bag to keep multiple thermos and mugs for multiple drinks just to enjoy fresh beverages for an outdoor activity can be too much to do.




ThermoTom gives customers an opportunity to keep two hot and cold drinks simultaneously with a unique idea of Two Drinks- One Flask. Similar to vacuum flask or thermos flasks, ThermoTom allows consumers to keep hot beverages (coffee, tea, etc.) stay hot up to (6-24) hours at more than (69°-26°C) respectively and keep cold drinks stay cold up to (6-24) hours at (0°-18°) respectively (after opening each site for 10 seconds every 2 hours).




ThermoTom’s 18/8 stainless steel double wall is the perfect way to keep your drinks hot or iced. It is a thermos with mugs having enough capacity for two 500ml cups, and when you’re done with them, just pull out their contents into another suitable container–no more wasted coffee! The sleek black and white design gives it a great look for an EDC outdoor equipment. It also features two mugs that prevent spilling at all times and is leak-proof thanks to its clever curves, making them stand apart from other similar products available today.


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ThermoTom is developed to fill and maintain beverage drinks at the desired temperature for the fresh and tasty experience needed among active, on-the-go individuals, partners, colleagues, study friends, hikers, babies, families, and even pets. Every feature of ThermoTom, from the Two drinks One flask to the one-size-fits-all leak-proof lid, was developed to create a fantastic product that can bring revolution in drinkware.

Thomas Göttlich, ThermoTom’s Founder, said: “My promise:You can’t find a similar product in this capacity and quality class. Not even on Amazon!”


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About ThermoTom: 

Currently, Thomas Göttlich is using Kickstarter for crowdfunding to support this project. It started in early mid-2021 with an idea of a self-made prototype after Thomas slowly started recovering from the stressful life after he lost the job as a Personnel Dispatcher and by the end of 2021, the revolutionary ThermoTom thermos flask product was developed. People have been pre-ordering as early birds to back this innovation because they believe it can be a game-changer as well as a worthy cause to revive the earth by avoiding plastic and using sustainable, recyclable, and earth-friendly thermos of stainless steel material.




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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThermoTomFlask
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thermo.tom/

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See Campaign: https://www.thermotom.com

Contact Information:

Name: Thomas Göttlich
Email:[email protected]
Job Title: Founder & Developer
Website: https://www.thermotom.com

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