By the end of the month, most people run out of cash, especially when there is an emergency. Sometimes, most people do not anticipate any medical issues at the start of the month and when it happens, they are out of cash and have nowhere to turn to. In such cases people tend to turn to banks and get small amounts of loan for this purpose. But they can only get those loans if they have good credit and are free of other financial problems. The best way of exploring direct deposit loans in minutes bad credit are shared in this article. 

In some worst case scenarios, there are people who have bad credit on their accounts and require a loan on an urgent purpose. Here the role of direct deposit loans comes into play. Direct deposit loans are quite similar to payday loans but they differ in some aspects from one another. The purpose of this article is to explore direct deposit loans and various factors revolving around them.

What are Direct Deposit Loans with bad credit?

A person can receive direct deposit loans from a bank on an urgent basis. As the name implies, the amount of direct deposit loans is deposited into a person’s account. They can be acquired on an urgent basis if there is a need. It is taken against a paycheck or a social security or unemployment check. This check has to be received on a monthly basis by the person who is to take the loan. It is due to this reason, that direct deposit loans have no limitations of credit (good or bad) attached to them.

Moreover, the amount received from this check must come into the person’s bank account on which they have taken a payday loan. The concept of direct deposit loans is to give money to a person who applies for it and then once they have the money in their account, the borrowed amount is deducted along with some interest rate. Despite having a bad credit attached with their account, direct deposit loans can easily be taken from the banks or loan providers.

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How to Apply for Direct Deposit Loans?

Even though there are no hard and fast requirements when applying for a direct deposit loan with bad credit, there are some rules and regulations which must be followed.

1)  The person borrowing the amount should have a monthly source of income.

2)  The person must have a checking account in which they can receive the direct deposit amount.

3)  The borrower must be an adult (i.e. 18 years or older)

4)  Some banks and loan providers put limitations on a borrower’s career i.e. a person who is or was a member of the military organization or has any kind of financial dependency on a person who is in the military. They cannot receive direct deposit loans.

Interest Rates in Direct Deposit Loans

There is an interest rate attached with the direct deposit loan. Even though there is a high interest rate attached with direct deposit loans, it is still comparatively less than the interest rate of the payday loans (as various banks claim). In this situation, the borrower gets more benefit as compared to the bank. As per all regulations, the longer a loan stays outstanding and is not paid on time, the interest rate will increase rapidly as well. The annual interest rate can be up to 365% of the total loan amount within 10 days. Sometimes it can even reach around 400%.

Even though payday loans may seem like a viable option at the time of urgency, they can become a hefty amount to pay back. Also, the bank from which the direct deposit loan is taken, can deduct the amount of loan from the bank within three days of the amount being deposited. At this point, not just the borrowed amount is deducted but the interest rate is deducted as well. This ruins the regular financing of a person and can become overwhelming on the budget.

Restrictions on Direct Deposit Loan Amounts   

As discussed above, there is a large amount of interest attached with the direct deposit loan. This is why it is important to take an amount which can be paid back. In order to control this, most banks keep a strong check and balance. There is a limit to the amount a person can borrow from the bank in the form of direct deposit loans.

Most banks allow the people to take an amount of $500 in advance but there are some who only allow customers to take the maximum amount of $250. No matter what amount a person decides to take, it must be remembered that the bank will deduct the borrowed amount immediately from the bank account along with the interest rate. Therefore, budgeting for the next month needs to be done in accordance with this amount.

Government Regulations for Direct Deposit Loans

As per the rules and regulations defined by the government, a customer relationship officer at the bank should not directly present the option of direct deposit loan to the client. Instead they should explore various possibilities with the person. If no other suitable option is present, then the officer must inform the person about the charges and taxes which are a part of the direct deposit loans.

It is mandatory for a person to be aware about all these charges before they take this amount. Furthermore, banks should make sure that people do not take these kinds of loans repeatedly. This needs to be controlled by the bank by setting some ground rules and regulations.  


Just like everything else, direct deposit loans with bad credits have pros and cons attached to them. They are a good option to go for in times of emergency but they should not be opted for repeatedly. This is because the interest rates multiply rapidly over a short period of time and it can become difficult for a person to pay them back. Regular direct deposit loans even with good or bad credit should be avoided at all costs to prevent complications in the future. Even though banks have strict rules and regulations which do not allow repetitive borrowing of direct deposit loans, it is still important for a person to keep themselves in check.

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