The famous American retailer store Target is located in all US states and has almost 368,000 employees. It was founded in 1902 by George Dayton. Initially, a dry fruit store target sells everything, including groceries, clothing, furniture, garden products, toys, beauty, and health products. You can get everything you and your house need in one store. If you are planning to visit the store and do not know what payment types Target accepts specifically about apple pay.  Go on reading , and you will find out the answer of does target take apple pay?

Does Target take Apple pay?

Yes, Target accepts Apple pay in their stores or through their target app. Target in 2019,  announced in a press release that they are now accepting Apple pay. As apple pay transforms your physical card like a visa card or another debit/credit card into a contactless card. Apple pay has made payment easy at fuel stations, local stores, and online. The days of physical cash or credit or debit cards readers with almost thousands of other cards already in are over. As a modern problem that requires modern solutions, apple payment is a current payment method for the contemporary world.

There are certain stores in which checkout has made pretty smooth with apple pay as they accept apple pay. Talking specifically, you might want to know: Does target take apple pay? Let’s find out.

Now you know if the target does apple pay or not. Yes, it does. Next time, If you plan to visit Target in person, checkout with your apple pay. Later in this article, I will explain how to checkout with your apple pay.

It is worth noting that Apple pay does not support target red cards and target gift cards. However, the target app can be used as a digital wallet for red cards.

How Do You Use Apple Pay at Target?

First, Put up Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple watch. If you already have it in your iPhone or Apple watch, you are ready to check out using apple pay at target.

How to check out with apple way inside target. Follow these steps to pay using apple pay at target.

  1. If your iPhone has a face id, double-click the side button. Authenticate with face ID (by putting the finger on the home sensor or entering a passcode).
  2. Hold the top of your iPhone over a contactless reader unless it is done. Keep holding it unless you see a green checkmark on the payment, hear a Ping-Pong, or see word done on your phone.

It’s that easy.

Pay With Your Apple Watch.

  1. Double click the side buttons, and your default card will open automatically,
  2. Hold the display of your apple watch on a contactless reader until you hear a beep or feel a gentle tap.

How to Check Out Through Apple Pay Using the Target App

If you’re using the target app, follow these steps to check out the app using apple pay.

  1. Download and open the target app.
  2. Sign in to your account or create a new account or you can select the option ‘continue as a guest.’
  3. Next, select your target location. If contactless shopping is available in the area, the app will tell you. Continue and tap on it.
  4. Pick the items of your interest and also how you would like to pick them. You can select pickup, delivery, or shipping depending on your ease.
  5. Tap on the shopping cart, which would be on the right side of the screen.
  6. Tap on the apple pay button at the right bottom of the screen. You will see the picture of the apple followed by “pay.” Do not tap the red “Check out” button.
  7. Follow the apple pay prompts, and it’s done. Enjoy your order

How Do You Add a Target Debit Red Card to the Apple Wallet?

Adding a Target Debit Red card to your Apple Pay wallet is easy. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone or iPad, and enter “yes” when asked if you’d like to add a Target debit card. In addition to letting you use your debit card at Target, the Target Debit app also allows you to load money into your bank account by scanning the Target Debit token issued by the same financial institution that gives the actual debit cards you use. You can load up to $500 with a single debit card purchase on any eligible mobile device through the Target Store Mobile app or

Using a debit card at a retail establishment that supplies its customers with regular payment cards may seem counter-intuitive, but it makes a lot of financial sense. Target recently announced that more than half of all debit card purchases are now made via Mobile Pay, its swipe-and-go solution that offers significantly improved security and interchange fees over traditional magnetic stripe payments. According to research from NPD Group, mobile payments made up just under 12% of all retail card transactions in 2016, up from just under 8% in 2015 and just under 5% in 2014.

Does Target take Apple pay? I hope this question is now clear to you. After getting to know that target accepts apple and how to add target to apple wallet, you might want to know which stores other than target accept apple pay.

How Do I Know if a Store Accepts Apple Pay?

You can easily confirm if a store accepts apple pay or not by using apple maps.

  1. Open the app and search for the particular store you want to shop from.
  2. Once you have found the store, scroll down to the section ‘useful to know. It would be below the store address and contact number.
  3. This section will show you the apple pay logo or accept apple pay if the store allows you to pay through apple pay.