Jul 15, 2020 8:58 AM ET
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London— 25/05/2020 — Dreyfus Corporation offers finance English Football Club Manchester United FC, listed on the NYSE: (MANU).

Dreyfus Corporation is pleased to announce that it has presented an initial financing facility of £500 Million GBP to Manchester United football Club by Dreyfus Corporation in a form of debt and equity. However to date, Dreyfus Corporation has not received a reply from the Football Club. Our executive Vice President knows in this time of turbulence and uncertainty that we must work to protect our prestigious clubs as they represent the pinnacle of our sporting society with great teamwork and team membership we believe local football clubs are the backbone to communities all across the world.

Malcolm Jameson, CPA, Director of Compliance “As a personal life long fan and regular visitor to the home and away games, I was extremely excited to hear that Executive Vice President Rhys J. Aldous extended an offer to a club I hold dear.”

Rhys J. Aldous, Executive Vice President “ To be in a position to make an offer to such a prestigious club, Manchester United FC in this time of need is a proud moment in my career at Dreyfus Corporation. We never like to hear bad economic news, but we do love to be able to offer solutions and help great businesses such as Manchester United FC continue with their successes.”

Dreyfus Corporation continually works locally and globally to back businesses and support the economy of developing countries. Our stock loan and securities lending program programs have been a massive success with investors and has allowed substantial investment throughout Europe and Asia.

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Dreyfus Corporation is the worldwide leader in business and welcomes the news of new partnerships and funding for our clients throughout Europe and Asia.

Dreyfus Corporation securities financing was created by Dreyfus Corporation to fund our clientele in the UK, European Union, South America and Asia.

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