FBC14 Algorithm

Over the years, people’s interest in trading has skyrocketed. Now everyone wants a piece of the ever growing pie that is the trading market. And with the help of technology, it is getting significantly easier to get into the market. In fact, with the help or trading algorithms and signal traders, all most traders need is money to start trading.

One of the most popular, trading algorithms right now is the FBC14. But despite its surging popularity, this trading algorithm has some serious problems.

How Does the FBC14 Work?

The FBC14 algorithm similarly to other trading algorithms, looks for the best assets for investing. Furthermore, they offer you money back every day, depending on your capital and profit. FBC-limited is the company behind FBC14 who offers the service.

Of course, the service is supposed to be an investment tool that does the work for you. All you have to do is add money to your account and choose your preferred assets. Once you do add the money and your preferences, the algorithm will look for the right assets and make investments. The key word here is “supposed to work” as the platform fails to deliver.

What Are Its Downfalls?

FBC14 has some flaws that can ruin the trading experience. While some of them are smaller issues one can look over, others are considerably more serious. The serious issues are what make the experience that much more unpleasant, as there is a good service here brought down by its issues. Here are some of their issues.

Return Not As Advertised

Throughout the marketing material, you will find mentions of increase earnings capitals by upto 300%. But that is far from the truth. But while the site is certainly makes use of your funds, the earnings they promise are not even close to similar.

Instead, it makes a minimal profit similar to what other lower end signal traders offer. This is a very serious issue, as the marketing material does mention how they will significantly increase your profits. Therefore, even when FBC14 is working, it is not the best trading algorithm to use.

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A Team of Ghosts Working Behind the Scenes

As we mentioned earlier, FBC-limited is the parent company of FBC14. But other than that basic piece of information there is nothing else available about the team or the owners. Despite being a popular company, you will not find the names of the people working behind the operation.

While companies commonly do not to show names of their employees, they do provide information about the owners or a spokesperson. But even that information is hard to find. Unfortunately, you will not find anyone who you can hold accountable within the company if things should go wrong.

Communication Tools Don’t Work

A company’s communication with their clients is one of the most important things that they ghave to get right. If the clients cannot contact get a response from the company, how can they trust them. Of course, this is something that FBC14 struggles with.

Despite offering a wide range of tools to contact them, customers still struggle to get a reply. In fact, some customers have waited for hours or even days just to hear back from their representatives.

There are also complains about their phone numbers, and their emails replying to customers. Therefore, any credit that you could give them for their diverse communication tools, that is completely invalid. The most effective way of getting a reply from them is using their website messenger. Although it is a great idea, it fails in execution as even the messenger can be unreliable with its responses.

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Not many contacting tools

As we mentioned earlier, they do have a diverse range of ways to contact them. However, even if all of their different tools of communication worked, they still pale in comparison to other services that companies provide.

With other companies, customers can also use video calls or they can simply contact them through social media. Social media is easily one of the biggest improvements that they offer, as it is easy to use and very accessible. Although this is considerably smaller than other things that they offer, it is still worth mentioning.

Difficulty Withdrawing Funds

A big problems that many have complained about with regards to FBC14 is that they too many rules when withdrawing funds. Of course, the worst part is that most of these rules are not on the website. Therefore, people will usually find out about these limits on their account and other rules after signing on.

One user ran into an especially serious problem when they did not receive a reply from FBC14 about their issue. It is important to mention that these rules are not as big of a problem if members knew about them from the start. But they do not tell their clients until they join on.

Reviews Suddenly Disappearing

A good way to tell if a service is good is by checking its reviews. You can make a better decision by hearing what others have to say about a service or product. And when checking reviews for FBC14, you will find it very hard to see any negative reviews.

None of the reviews talk about the issues mentioned here, and none seem to have a problem with some of their rules. Many people complained about their reviews disappearing off some of the more popular review sites. While FBC14 deleting reviews are absurd, it is still strange that no one mentions the problems mentioned here.

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Best to Move to Another

Trading is the way to go and it is the track that will help you reach your destination, which is your financial goal. But when it comes to choosing what service you want to use to reach that goal, you might want to reconsider using FBC14. Despite holding significant promise from the outside, it does not tke long to see through it all. With serious issues as lack of communication and difficulty withdrawing funds, it is best you look at another service.