SEATTLE, August 9, 2022 – As the world grapples with increasing levels of stress in the workplace, Fierce Inc., a global leadership development and training company, is releasing a visionary new “Pulse” app designed to help individuals track their stress and heart rates in real time. 

The company, best known for its innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI), Metaverse and interactive 3D virtual employee training and simulation deployments, has created an app that will allow individuals to learn what triggers their stress, build self-awareness as well as get a coach and create a plan to reduce stress and get support. 

Going beyond your traditional wearable devices, the Fierce device helps people track what’s causing stress, then offer access to experts to help them come up with a solution to better manage their situations or use their cutting edge AI bot to find the solutions to tackle their toughest challenges and link to additional resources. A recent survey of 2,100 respondents from four countries conducted by Deloitte and Workplace Intelligence found that “nearly 70% of the C-suite are seriously considering quitting for a job that better supports their well-being.”

“Pulse is about tackling your stress, not just managing it,” Beltran says. “It’s about knowing who you are. … Our goal is for relatable, productive conversations and feedback between people without fear, anxiety and stress.”

Fierce, a 20-year-old training company, conducted its own research, led by Dr. Gabe de la Rosa, a veteran industrial psychologist who worked in the U.S. Navy. The research points out stress is contagious, creating a vicious cycle, leading to errors, more stress and more errors.

The app offers a three-step cycle. The first step is getting a baseline of a person’s stress level, learning a person’s triggers, building self-awareness and tying the mental with the physiological. The second step is that users will get a coach to help you identify your data and help you tackle your biggest stressor first. The third step is to help you master the skill in reducing stress and increasing productivity by providing the skills to eliminate the stressor which ultimate comes down to conversation with self and others.

Early data from the Pulse app, which is now available for early registration ahead of its official September launch, has demonstrated multiple staggering results, including:

  • 14% decrease in anxiety
  • 10% decrease in stress
  • 8% decrease in burnout
  • 11% increase in resilience 
  • Significant increases in organizational cohesion and commitment

Pulse uses Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to objectively measure stress. It categorizes stress and ties it to specific times and events through integrations to outlook/google calendar and GPS, which allows the user to decipher and identify their true causes. Beltran underscores the value of this approach, noting, “The app pinpoints stressors and can help both the individual and the company identify if it was triggered due to something in the employee’s personal life, a temporary intense workplace assignment or more macro company issues like identifying signs of a toxic workplace culture.”

“We link self-awareness, identifying our toughest challenge, and moving to action all in 2 weeks and one coaching session,” Beltran says. “There is a direct link between avoiding key conversations and the stress it causes within organizations. The punchline is we go past identification of stress and provide the tools and ‘what next’ in how to eliminate your stressors which inevitably involve others”

For more information, contact Neil Foote, Ascendant Group Branding, [email protected], 214.448.3765.

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