Flawless trading is a term that you might not hear very often. Despite the fact that you have hundreds of online platforms that offer you trading services, you will still have a hard time finding one that you can call ideal. You can take my experience as an example here. I searched for the right type of trading services provider for a year before I finally picked one. I am not usually like that, but I did not want to take huge risks with my money without proper preparation. I can say with confidence today that FinexArena has made trading really fun for me.

I think I can define the way I trade with FinexArena as ideal or flawless trading. I did sign up with a broker for a couple of months before I opened my investment account with this one, so I can tell you that my experience was not really that fun with the previous one. As for this platform, all I can say is that there is nothing that I thought I should have had and did not get from this one. Everything I need during a trade or before it is there on this platform. I think my success rate with my trades has been great only because I get everything with FinexArena.

Why am I saying all of that about this broker? I can tell you in detail and that’s why I am writing this review for you. So, know more about this company and see how it can help you with your investments.

Broker FinexArena
Website https://www.finexarena.com/
Assets Forex, Cryptocurrencies
Platform Web, Mobile, Desktop (MetaTrader 4)
Available Assets More than 200
Spreads Fixed
Maximum Leverages 1:1000
Trading Accounts Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Minimum Deposit 250
Registered Yes
Deposit Methods Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Bitcoin Wallet
Customer Support 24/5

Flawless Trading with FinexArena

An Established Entity

I want you to always consider the experience of the company before you choose one. It does not matter what type of services you are looking for, you have to pay attention to how many years the company has been in business. Isn’t that the same things companies cater to when they hire their employees? The important thing about experience is that you get to work with people who know their stuff. They know what they are offering you and how they can make trading better for you. Also, it helps you find out that the company is not a scam. Yes, there is so much scam on the internet that you have to know about this particular factor now.

It is not a good thing to know about a particular industry. However, the bad people on the internet know that there are individuals around the world who want to make money. These people want to make money through easy means. And to do that, they can take some risk as well. So, what they do is that they make them sign up with their bogus trading platforms that do nothing. The person who signs up with them thinks that they will make a lot of money, but they never do. You can’t really find out much about a company when it is new and there is not much information about it on the internet.

On the other hand, you have tried, tested, and trusted companies like FinexArena that provide you with great and reliable trading services. If you look at the trading volume that has taken place through this company, you will be surprised to know that the number is 1.82 millions and more. The company has already executed nearly 70 million orders. Until now, nearly 170 million people have signed up with the company for trading purposes. Isn’t that something that should make you trust the company instantly? It does not matter what a new company has to say, you can’t really trust verbal claims. With FinexArena, you have the experience in numbers – something you can trust.

Registered Company You Can Trust

What are the biggest signs that you are signing up with the right company? The first one, I have already told you in the first point. Now, the second most important thing is that you have to see the legitimacy of the business. In most cases, if you are signing up with a scam, you will notice that they are not registered anywhere. In fact, if you pay attention to the details, you will realize that they are not a company at all. Creating a website and telling people that they can trade and make profits is not enough to be in the trading services providing business.

When you sign up with a company, you have to make sure that they really are a registered business that can serve you with your trading needs. How can you find that out? Well, if you are with the right broker, you will find the information right on the website. Yes, the best companies will put this information right on the website so potential customers can already find this importance piece of detail out. If you notice on the website of FinexArena, you will find information about its registration. Yes, the company is registered and the registration number is there on the website.

Trade Many Assets

Does it matter how many assets you can trade with the company that you sign up with? Well, if you think that this particular factor does not matter, I ask you to think again. I used to think that I was good when I traded only one or two assets. For me, I was targeting simplicity. I just wanted to trade the assets that I was interested in. More importantly, I wanted to trade assets that I could trade with ease and understand without too much complexity. However, I learned my lesson the hard way when I lost money because I had spent all of it on the same asset.

What it means is that you have all your treasure in the same boat. When this boat sinks, all your treasure will sink with it too. On the other hand, you can protect some of your investments by putting them on many boats at the same time. In other words, it really does matter a lot that you are able to invest in many different types of assets. With FinexArena, you can invest your money in forex currency pairs and cryptocurrencies. What you are going to love about trading forex currency pairs with FinexArena is that you are not limited to the USD combinations.

That’s the case with most online companies that provide you with trading services. They limit you to trading currency combinations that contain USD in them. What’s so special about these currency pairs? Well, the point is that these are the major currency pairs and probably the ones that you can invest in most safely. However, trading safely does not mean that you should not invest your money in volatile assets at all. Volatile assets can help you make a lot of money in less time. That’s why you have minor and exotic currency pairs in your reach when you trade with FinexArena.

Another thing that you will notice is that you have a variety of digital currencies available for trading when you sign up with FinexArena. There is something special about this particular offering from the broker. I can tell you about many other resources where you can only trade the major currencies from the cryptocurrency market. When you sign up with FinexArena, you will be trading Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and many other tradable and lucrative cryptocurrencies.

Safety of Funds and Info

No trading can be flawless unless it is done with safety. Safety is a huge concern for those who are trading online. When you sign up with an online company, you are actually putting your trust in the hands of a company that you don’t personally know. You are signing up with a company that might be located on the other side of the world. However, the thing is that there are many ways online companies can prove that they are trustworthy. They can take certain measures that will give you peace of mind before you sign up with them or when you are trading with them already.

In this particular case, I can tell you that from your name to the amount of money that you deposit in your account, everything will be protected through the best efforts that the company can take. For example, when it comes to your money, you have to find out where the company is putting your money. If the company gives you any excuse and tries to justify the fact that your money is going in the same account in which the company has its own money, you should stay away from such an option. You can’t really trust such a company because it is not following the safety standards of the industry.

So, when you deposit your funds with FinexArena, you will have them in separate accounts. These accounts are only for the funds that traders deposit in their accounts. Furthermore, you will have your information encrypted for your peace of mind. When you enter your personal details, identification and banking information on the website, you can be sure that it is protected through encryption. Encryption of 128-bit ensures that no one is able to break the codes that envelope and protect your information. From these two features, you should have peace of mind when you sign up and trade with FinexArena.

KYC and AML Policies Incorporated

It is not enough if you are signing up with a safe trading platform. You have to look into something else as well. What I am trying to talk about is that there are certain security measures that companies can take. However, those security measures do not prove that the trading platform itself is clean and free of any other issues. For example, a trading platform might have proper encryption and safety of funds in place. However, this same platform might provide place to people who are using black money for trading. You might not know but there are many money launderers who are looking for an opportunity to store their money with online exchanges and trading platforms.

So, what happens is that you sign up with a great trading platform but what you don’t know that many money launderers and identity thieves are also signed up with it. It does not really matter how much security there is on the platform when such people are also using it to their advantage. That’s the reason you want to sign up with some company that has KYC and AML policies in place. When the company incorporates AML policy, it means it will not let anyone use the platform for laundering money. It will ask them for their banking details, confirm those details through pictures, and make it mandatory for them to use accounts that are in their names.

In addition to that, you have the KYC policy, which entails that the online trading platform ask every trader about their identification. Under this policy, FinexArena will ask you for your personal details, identification information, and even the pictures of your utility bills to prove that you are providing the correct physical address on the website. These policies are in place when you sign up with FinexArena because the broker really cares about its traders. It does not let any illegal entities sign up with it for trading purposes. You can trade with the peace of mind that you are with someone who believes in ethical trading only.

Trading Platform for All Operating Systems

One of the challenges for modern trading platforms or any software tools for that matter is that they should be compatible with a variety of devices. There was a time in the past when you could create a trading platform for the computer and since the world had only computer users, everyone could use the trading platform. Time changes a few years ago when smartphones arrived. Today, when you create some software or application, you have to make it compatible with all the different devices and screen sizes that are present in the world today.

Since you are getting more devices in the world, you will also see an increase the number of operating systems. When the smartphones started, you only have iPhones, which means the only operating system that the developers had to develop their software tools for was iOS. Time flew and you had Android as the major operating system in the world. In a similar manner, just because you are a Windows operating system user does not mean everyone in the world is. There are millions of users who use MAC as their devices. So, can you use the trading platform on all of these devices?

Well, I have to tell you here that the trading platform from FinexArena is probably one of the best that traders can get their hands on. This trading platform is available to you on all your devices and in web and downloadable form. In downloadable form, you can use it on your desktop computers, iPhones and Android phones. You can download the version that has been created for your particular operating system. In addition to that, you also have the web-based trading platform that you can use on any device without any heed to the operating system on it.

I am sure you are going to like the fact that FinexArena is giving you access to MetaTrader 4 trading platform. When you look at different groups of people in the online trading world, they have varying opinions about everything. Talk about their desired assets, broker features, etc. and they will differ on all these points. However, you will see that they all have the same opinion about the MT4 trading platform. This platform is the best out there and probably the simplest and easiest for you to learn. In other words, you are getting only the best of everything when you sign up with FinexArena.

Four Accounts for Different Individuals

I am sure you will not have to do any stretch of your budget or requirements when you sign up with FinexArena. The company has made sure that you have enough trading account options that you can pick one that goes with your requirements the best. So, with this broker, you have four options, and I can tell based on my experience that every account you get here is designed with some mind behind it. I have seen some online trading platforms that have many accounts, but you really can’t make heads and tails of their features. In other words, you really don’t get value with any account when you look at the amount you have to deposit.

On the other hand, you have this broker providing you with trading account choices that really make sense. So, firstly, you have four different accounts, namely Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond. Each account is designed for a different type of trader. The minimum deposit requirement for the silver account is $250. If you go with the investment account, you will have to deposit $50,000. The trading signals you get with this account are limited, but you are still getting them. With most other platforms, you don’t get trading signals when you sign up with a basic account.

Is there bonus for you when you sign up with the basic account? Yes, you will get 20% bonus with this basic account. Interestingly, you will get a bonus of 125% when you go with the diamond account. There are different commitments associated with different account types. If you go with the basic account, you will have to maintain money in your account for at least 24 months. On the other hand, you can cut this duration in half if you go with the gold account. You will make some interest on your account depending on the account you pick.

Again, the basic formula is that the higher you go with your account choice, the more interest you will get on your deposits. With the basic account, you can withdraw money from your account only once a year. Do keep in mind that I am talking about the interest that you will earn on your deposits. You can withdraw this interest only once a year if you go with the basic account. If you want to reduce that duration as well, i.e., you want to withdraw your interest faster, you can go with higher accounts. With the diamond account, you can withdraw once every month.

Customer Support

The icing on the cake from this broker is the customer support it provides you with. You are getting customer support from the best professionals in the industry, who know how to listen to you and how to help you with your concern. In addition to that, you will be glad that you can use a phone or email to get in touch with the company. The customer support department is there to answer your questions 24/5. Yes, what it means is that during the working days of the department, you can contact it anytime you want without looking at the clock.

The best thing is that you can get in touch with the professionals from the company through instant messaging applications, such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, and more.

Final Thoughts

When you look at these features and the amazing flexibilities you are getting as a trader with FinexArena, don’t you think that it provides you with a flawless trading experience? You don’t have a single thing that you can say that this broker has missed. Talk about safety, you have segregated funds, encryption, KYC, and AML. Talk about flexibility, you have huge leverages and very tight spreads. Talk about ease of trading, you have the chance to trade on MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Do you think you are ready to start this flawless trading experience with FinexArena.