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The global amniotic membrane market is predicted to record a CAGR of 7.03% during the forecast period, 2022-2030. The awareness programs for wound care treatment, the growing research on regenerative medicine and stem cell biology, and the increasing incidents of traumatic wounds and burn injuries propel market growth.

Wound care treatment has been increasingly prioritized in recent years, with the growing traumatic wounds and burn injuries. As a result, doctors, researchers, and professionals are conducting awareness programs worldwide. For instance, the Wound Care Center at Carteret Health Care, the United States, helps raise awareness of chronic wounds. Also, several leading institutes are offering many programs for advanced wound care treatment using AM.

Clinical treatments incorporate AM on a large scale to regenerate dead/damaged cells and heal wounds. Moreover, the process involves minimal costs, and therefore, such awareness programs are being focused upon by healthcare professionals. Such aspects of AM drive the global amniotic membrane market growth. However, the market growth is hampered by the limitations pertaining to amniotic membrane use.

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