Talcum is commonly found in cosmetics, baby powders, body powder. Talc is also been used as an ingredient in soaps, toothpastes, chewing gums and tablets. The talcum powder is a natural mineral that is highly stable, chemically inert and odourless.

Traditionally, baby powders are used to prevent a pesky diaper rash. Johnson & Johnson’s is the iconic white bottle, it’s been popular around more than 100 years now. But now the company has stopped selling talcum baby powders in U.S. and Canada, while the corn-starch-based powders are still sold in every part of the world. The powder contains magnesium, silicon and oxygen-based elements, which prevents the baby from rashes. But today parents don’t prefer talcum powders for their babies, however they opt for baby powders made of corn-starch.

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Paediatricians always encourage parents to concern alternatives of talcum powder, like oil-based lotions or creams and parents can also go for corn-starch, because it is comprised of larger particles the talcum.

The baby lotions and creams are meant for providing proper nourishment to the baby’s body, because their skin is very delicate. The baby’s skin needs proper hydration which even protects the baby’s skin from irritation and allergic reaction. The ingredients that are mostly used in making lotions and creams are, Carbomer, P-Anisic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Glyceryl Stearate, Stearic Acid, Glycerine, Cocos Nucifera, Oil, Isopropyl, Xanthan Gum, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Aluminium Silicate, Fragrance.

A baby diaper rash cream is used to prevent skin irritation and allergies, prolonged wetness, bacterial infection, and irritation due to diaper friction. The demand for baby diaper rash cream is increasing as it gives the baby calming symptoms and prevents the reoccurring by creating a protective barrier.

Diaper rash can form when the baby’s urine or poop irritates the baby’s skin and makes it red and tender. Mostly when the baby stays in a dirty diaper for a long time. The rashes mostly appear in the baby’s diaper area. However, there can be other causes of diaper rash like, a diaper is too tight, a diaper the chafes against the baby’s skin. Other causes like an allergic reaction from soaps, laundry detergents or from baby wipes.

The diaper rash creams for baby are been introduced for prevents the rashes formed because of diapers on baby’s skin. The ingredients that are used against preventing diaper rashes such as, Zinc oxide, is included in many diapers’ rash creams. It is a powdery mineral that glides on the baby’s skin. Calendula is a natural antibacterial oil extracted from marigold flowers. Next is the Aloe vera, its added to revive inflamed skin. Petroleum works best for rashes. It is a moisturizer that protects your skin from rashes. There are also some other organic products that can be used for preventing of diaper rashes like, mineral oils, phthalates, few toxins like aluminium starch octenyl succinate.

Some products include A+D, Balmex, Desitin and Lotrimin, these very helpful for yeast infections. The A+D ointment helps to prevent rash by forming a protective barrier that helps to seal out the wetness. It is also useful for giving soothing relief to your skin and lips.  Ointments are less irritating than lotions on skin. But create a barrier on the skin and don’t allow it to receive air. Whereas creams are dry and allows air to pass through the skin.

The market research report titled- Global Baby Skin Care Products Market Outlook, 2026 by Actual Market Research. This market has increased its growth, because of the awareness about baby skin care. In 2015 market grew with CARG of 5.95% and in the coming year it is expected to grow with the value of USD 10234.47 million.

The skin care awareness all around the globe is pushing up the market to grow rapidly. Baby’s skin is very delicate from the time they are born, so as a mother you always have to take good care of your baby. Apply skin care products for preventing rashes, for soothing the skin and save your baby’s skin from other infections. We know that globally baby skin care is very popular but in some regions like Latin America and the Middle East & Africa region the baby skin products are quite newer to them.

Globally, in 2015 Europe accounted with less than 15% of the market. In Europe the baby skin care market is lucrative and the leading brands have been successful in capitalizing on the existing opportunities. With this on the other side North America is known to hold the second-largest regional market. Here the market is expected to grow with CAGR of 4% in the coming years. Asia is also leading the market with high growth in the middle-class disposable income and also because of the awareness of baby’s skin health.

• Geography: Global
• Base year: 2020
• Historical year: 2015
• Forecasted year: 2026

• North America
• Europe
• Asia Pacific
• Latin America
• Middle East & Africa

• Market Size by Value for the period (2015-2026F)
• Market Share by product type (Baby Cream and Lotion, Baby Powder, Diaper Rash Cream & Others)
• Market Share by Sales Channel (Supermarket & Hypermarket, Pharmacy Store/ Drug Stores, Convenience store & Online)
• Market Share by Region
• Market Share by Country

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Report Methodology
3. Market Structure
3.1. Market Consider
3.2. Market Definitions
4. Global Baby Skin Care Market Outlook
4.1. Market Size by Value
4.2. Market Share
4.2.1. By Sales Channel
4.2.2. By Region
4.2.3. By Country
4.2.4. By Company
5. Global Baby Powder Market Outlook
6. Global Baby Diaper Rash Cream Market Outlook
7. Global Baby Cream and Lotion Market Outlook
8. Global Others Baby Skin Care Market Outlook
9. North America Baby Skin Care Market Outlook

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