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According to Stratistics MRC, the Global Technical Ceramics Market is accounted for $7.11 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $13.01 billion by 2028 growing at a CAGR of 9.0% during the forecast period. Technical ceramic is an inorganic, non-metallic material with an exclusive mixture of thermal and physical properties that make it highly functional. It is ideally used in technical applications such as high temperature, corrosion & wear resistance, and offers longer service life along with sustained cost-efficiency. Thus, this material is popular by the name of technical ceramics. In addition, it is also known as high-performance ceramic and engineering ceramic.

Market Dynamics

Driver: Extraordinary Performance and Higher Properties of Technical Ceramics

Technical ceramics are chemically very constant which means they have low chemical solubility that makes them extremely resistant to corrosion which is predicted to drive the market demand. It offers consistent performance and reliability compared to metals & polymers that compromise their properties over time. Moreover, it is an excellent electric insulator owing to which they have high dielectric permittivity which is important for capacitors and resonators.  Also, these materials have ultra-high temperature ability due to which they can operate in extreme temperatures above 1750°C. Technical ceramics have superior properties such as high hardness, excellent compressive strength, low density, good wear resistance, and superior electrical properties. Also, these materials are thermally conductive, insulative, chemically inert, and have high corrosion resistance. For instance, excellent wear resistance of technical ceramics helps them to withstand extremely high temperatures while retaining the mechanical and electrical properties.

Restraint: High Customization Requirements from End-use Industries

The high customization necessities raise the cost of technical ceramics and can make them brittle. This is because the conventional machining techniques such as milling, turning, and drilling are difficult to perform on these materials owing to their brittle nature, high strength, hardness, and resistance to creep. Technical ceramics hold application across several industries such as transportation electronics, automotive, and others.

Opportunity: Multipurpose Applications of Technical Ceramics

These ceramic materials are commonly used in medical implants in the form of bulk components or as coatings & fillers. Numerous orthopedic procedures and implants such as hip, joint, knee, and spinal hard tissues use technical ceramics. Also, dental systems such as orthodontic devices like braces, root implants, and prostheses use technical ceramics. Some additional applications of these ceramic materials in the medical sector include the use of technical ceramics in x-ray tubes, hand tools, pressure sensors, femoral head implants for hip replacement, and others. Due to its superior insulating properties, strength, corrosion resistance, and high heat resistance, technical ceramics play a vital role in space exploration. The developing applications of technical ceramics in deep-sea exploration, space development, supercomputers, new energy sources, and others are anticipated to propel the technical ceramics market demand in the upcoming years. For instance, silicon nitride, the popular technical ceramic material, is used in deep-sea earthquake observation owing to its corrosion resistance, compressive strength, and low specific density that make it ideal for pressure-resistant containers used in submarines. Also, technical ceramics are used in supercomputers since the coefficient of thermal expansion is close to the coefficient of mounting units.

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