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According to Stratistics MRC, the Global Touch Based Human Machine Interface (HMI) Market is accounted for $0.48 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $2.15 billion by 2028 growing at a CAGR of 24.0% during the forecast period. Touch based human interface (HMI) is the simple, easy and natural interaction with the human machines. It is among the significant mechanization situated gadgets sent across significant applications in modern robotization, auto, oil and gas areas. These gadgets empower higher dependability and quality results and are progressively supplanting the manual transfer of the modern gear. Touch based human machine point of interaction are being recognized by every one of the significant enterprises as these gadgets are equipped for offering a constant update of the cycles through Ethernet or remote network. Touchscreen HMIs are satisfying the association’s usefulness, wellbeing, adaptation and ecological similarity objectives.

Driver: Rising wearable and portable touch based HMI

The human-machine interface of the future will get even more interactive. The growing popularity of wearable devices in the consumer market which are exhibiting a growth of over 16% will also be reflected in the manufacturing sector. This is also due to the government regulations driving industrial automation such as Italy’s National Industry 4.0 Plan, Germany’s I40 strategy and Japan’s Connected Industries Plan which mention arable devices among the technologies subject to hyper-depreciation. For example, operators will likely wear bracelets that alert them of alarms with a specific code so that they can intervene in a timely manner. The increased adoption of these solutions will drive the demand for HMI market.

Restraint: Lack of Security

The missing growth factor for the industry 4.0 market is security. According to the 2018 IBM-X Force Threat Intelligence Index, manufacturing is the second-largest targeted industry for attacks. Due to less security, industry 4.0 technologies are allowing hackers to attack the manufacturer’s data and also infecting new systems to detention and vend confidential information. Thus, the utilization of industrial PCs and other data utilization devices are witnessing increased scrutiny which will hinder HMI market.

Opportunity: Growing technological advancements

Touch-based human-machine interface are one of the emerging technology and is all set to showcase significant penetration across all the leading end user industry verticals. The technological advancements attained in the field of automation and the evolution of touch screen technology has discovered a common platform to deliver new range of control function modules across all industrial applications both in industrial and commercial sector. The touch based human machine is an instinctive programming interface that allows operators to make efficient decisions and establish fast communication network with the help of Internet of Things (IoT) concept.

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