4395 New partnership

Rome – May 13, 2021

GrowHub and OSC Innovation are excited to announce a strategic partnership supporting companies and brands on their digital transformation and innovation journey.

The two companies are joining forces and skills to address the needs and opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution: starting with the definition of a strategic framework based on a data-driven approach, all the way to the execution of go-to-market plans with a strong focus on the development of new technologies.

GrowHub was established in 2020 as a start-up in Italy to help cutting-edge brands achieve growth through innovation. The Company most recently moved its Headquarters to Spain in 2021 to better address its client and potential customer base.

The international GrowHub team is based among four markets, including the US. The company is led by the Founder, Rita D’Agostino, who brings extensive expertise in digital and big data. Over the last 15 years, Rita has held executive positions at a variety of companies globally.

OSC Innovation offers complementary services with a focus on new technologies. OSC Innovation is the Italian atelier that merges creativity and technology, with a leading position in the augmented and virtual reality industry. With a consolidated customer portfolio across various industries internationally, OSC Innovation has demonstrated the ability to develop unique, tailor-made projects with a strong focus on new technologies, specifically robotics, artificial intelligence and digital applications.

GrowHub and OSC innovation are proud to be working together to build a new standard in digital transformation.

Contact Information:

Marco Abei
Marketing Manager OSC Innovation
[email protected]
Mobile +39 3277753071