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Harvard Grads Solve

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Boston, MA, Oct. 09, 2020 — Their mission is simple: to help you feel amazing every single day. Founded by two Harvard grads, Boston-based startup RYZE Superfoods launched in March 2020 with their 8-ingredient mushroom coffee. Using adaptogenic mushrooms, which are quickly gaining traction in the wellness world, this simple yet unique coffee blend aims to remove the ‘negative’ side effects of coffee while providing additional health benefits for the immune system, digestion, brain and heart health.

Despite its popularity, caffeine naturally found in coffee has been shown to heighten adrenaline spikes and cause anxiety, jitters, mood swings, and poor quality sleep, not to mention the havoc coffee’s high acidity reeks on the stomach. On the other hand, mushroom coffee helps provide a natural boost to focus and energy without the downsides of anxiety, stomach discomfort, and inconsistent sleep patterns. Functional mushrooms have been scientifically proven to boost stamina and physical performance; studies also suggest they improve immune function, combat inflammation, and promote homeostasis.

With just 48mg of caffeine per serving, RYZE allows people to enjoy around half the usual caffeine intake they might expect from traditional coffee while gaining a host of additional benefits. Developed using a unique blend of 6 organic medicinal mushrooms, MCT oil, and smooth arabica coffee, their instant blend easily dissolves with stirring into hot or cold water. No brewing needed!

The process to develop this mushroom coffee has been an exhaustive labor of love. RYZE founders Andrée Werner and Rashad Hossain spent over a year sourcing the right ingredients and crafting their formula just so. They made it clear, however, that the journey was worthwhile. “Every day we hear how RYZE has been helping people feel better, both mentally and physically. The positive customer feedback has been overwhelming and humbling. And it just continues to show us that this product truly works, it makes people feel better and that’s what it’s all about. We’ll never forget that as we continue to scale the business” said Rashad.

The emergence of unique coffee products, delivered in new mediums, is becoming increasingly commonplace in the superfood world. RYZE comes at a unique time as more and more consumers are looking for healthier options to keep their energy levels up while not exacerbating anxiety, inflammation, and digestive issues. While many brands are disrupting the space traditionally dominated by older, established cafe brands like Starbucks and Peet’s, it is the combination of six essential medicinal mushrooms – Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, and King Trumpet – that really differentiates this coffee drink.

Both stress and more productivity are known to be major factors behind why many people turn to coffee; a quick break, a chance to unwind and escape the pressures of professional or personal life, while at the same time being productive and getting more done, faster. However, with coffee known to increase anxiety and sleep disruption, this proves counterproductive. RYZE is showing us that energy can come without jitters and anxiety, and that calm focus with a cup of coffee is possible. By providing numerous medicinal benefits, RYZE cuts the caffeine and instead leans on the power of functional mushrooms, allowing for a staggered release of energy and focus without the same intense rush and subsequent caffeine “crash”.

For those used to starting their day with some post-coffee anxiety, switching to a more natural and unique option might be just what the doctor ordered.

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