Hocine Benaoum Recently Accepted a Position with Fonroche Lighting America

As of March 2021, Hocine Benaoum will be serving as the new CEO for Fonroche Lighting America. The company not only harnesses the power of the sun but also works to improve lives.


Hocine Benaoum will be bringing his experience in the aerospace industry to Fonroche to ensure that the company benefits. “When you build airplane components, it needs to be reliable. What I really like at Fonroche,  is not only the cost-effective solution vs traditional grid lighting we offer but that Fonroche Lighting’s Research & Development team and budget are focused on the reliability of the product. In Aerospace, we can’t let passengers down, so in the lighting business, we can’t let cities and communities be in the dark, no matter how mother nature treats our Autonomous Solar Poles” said Hocine Benaoum.  Fonroche Lighting America Advanced solar street lighting ensures that people and places have the illumination they need 365 nights per year.

Being off the grid has a number of advantages. Hocine Benaoum is excited to work with the company because of showing businesses and municipalities how they no longer need to depend on electrical companies. When installing street lighting, there’s no need to endure the cost of digging trenches to get onto the grid. Additionally, the solar street lights are now less expensive than traditional ones on new projects.

When traditional street lighting is installed, the cost of keeping them operational can be exponential. Hocine Benaoum explains how companies are dependent on the constantly changing rates of the electric company. With solar, there is no longer that dependency. The lights operate independently from the electric company because they are being powered by solar panels. The power of the sun keeps them lit at night – and no electric bills will be generated in the process because the Sun doesn’t send bills.


Hocine Benaoum will be working with VP Sales, Dale Curtis, and his passionate team to show commercial properties and cities all over US,  how they can benefit from sustainability and reliable Fonroche Power 365 Smartlights. It allows a property to be environmentally friendly while also creating a well-lit, safe environment. It can attract customers, help employees improve visibility, and more. More importantly, Hocine Benaoum shares how a Fonroche solar light will always be on – whereas an electric grid shutdown can leave everyone in the dark.

Maintaining lighting is a safety issue. The solar lighting offered at Fonroche serves as emergency lighting that benefits commercial properties in any industry, even during storms or hurricanes, from Seattle to Key West.

Hocine Benaoum highlights how corporate campuses, universities, retail stores, and manufacturing facilities can all benefit from Fonroche solar lighting and has already seen firsthand how Fonroche has been upgrading to Power 365 Smartlight due to recent company acquisitions. The US team based in Needham, MA continues to help Fonroche Lighting Group to grow so that the product line can be expanded all over North America. He’s proud of the passion, dedication and expertise of the team already in place and high-quality products that are developed, complete with no bulky battery boxes or hanging wires. The lights are aesthetically pleasing and can offer lighting all-night and all year long.

While many people still don’t understand the benefits of cost savings associated with going solar, Hocine Benaoum and his team at Fonroche Lighting America are dedicated to proving its benefits and to take advantage of public autonomous solar lighting.