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After a long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many travel destinations around the world are preparing to reopen their doors to tourists. Travelers who have been putting off a long-anticipated Honduras travel adventure will soon be able to schedule their trips. 

One of the primary barriers to Honduras travel was the lack of flights to the area. Fortunately, that situation is about to improve as both domestic and international flights are making plans to reopen. Domestic flights resumed on August 10, while international flights return today, August 17, from major cities.. Once these flights become available, tourists will be able to visit destinations throughout Honduras.


The reopening of the airlines to Honduras will involve strict biosecurity measures in order to prevent the spread of any illness. With these measures set, the government of Honduras is hoping to re-open the country safely. At this time, there is still a curfew overnight, as well as other protective measures in place to protect its citizens.

Honduras has become a popular travel destination for a variety of reasons. When travelers visit Honduras, they have many opportunities to learn about Central American history and culture. Honduras is also home to many beautiful beaches where tourists can spend the day relaxing, snorkeling, or engaging in other enjoyable activities by the water. In addition, Honduras also offers an array of exotic wildlife species, including birds, fish, ocelots, jaguars, and monkeys. Visitors to Honduras will find plenty of different ways to view and interact with the wildlife in the area.

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There are plenty of other reasons tourists may decide to visit Honduras as it is an affordable travel destination similar to other Caribbean islands. It is also considered a safe place for tourists so that they can be confident and focus efforts on having fun throughout their trip. Due to a combination of affordability and the comparability to other Caribbean islands, many travelers have come to love Honduras over the years, making Honduras travel a popular choice among all age groups.

Even travelers who have visited Honduras in the past can find plenty of new opportunities for Honduras travel enjoyment in this area. With so many different islands, attractions, and experiences, both new and seasoned Honduras travelers can plan a memorable vacation. We guarantee that no two trips to Honduras will ever be the same.

Now that we got your attention, tourists who are interested in visiting Honduras should research all of the available activities and lodging options well in advance. Because of the pandemic, it may take time before everything has re-opened. However, it is still possible to plan an enjoyable Honduras travel experience by taking the time to learn about what is currently available. For the best results, travelers should consider working with Honduras travel experts who will be up-to-date on all of the latest developments in the area and will be able to help them plan the perfect trip.

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Below are the safety measures needed to enter the country from the Honduras Civil Air Transportation Agency.

  • To ensure the effectiveness of the biosecurity procedures implemented in air transport, an expeditious procedure has been established that involves new requirements in addition to the country’s entry/exit requirements determined in the Immigration and Foreigners Act, which are:
    • Complete and submit the required information at  
    • Complete and submit the migratory pre-registration
    • Complete and submit a Health Surveillance Record
    • Complete and submit an affidavit that will be submitted to the health provisions of the country.
    • Complete and submit the Customs Form
  • All passengers must present evidence of a negative result on the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test in real-time or quick test with a minimum specificity of 85%, Sensitivity 98% for COVID-19, performed in a period no longer than seventy-two (72) hours before entry into the country. In the event of an accident or force majeure, the passenger will undergo a clinical evaluation by International Health Office personnel.
  • Obligatory compliance with the protocol established in the International Health Regulations is expected at the time of entry into the country (clinical evaluation and mandatory quarantine) if the health authority so determines.
  • Compliance with the other biosecurity measures established in the Protocols of the Secretariat of State in the Health Office (obligatory use of mask) is required at all times.
  • All travelers must ensure that they meet the requirements for leaving the country and entering the country of destination.

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