Global Smart Syringes Market

Smart syringes are defined as type of medical devices which are engineered with safety mechanisms to prevent the reuse of syringes & regulate unsafe injection practices. These syringes are equipped with features to avoid needlestick injuries in a patient who uses these syringes and avoid transmission of blood-borne diseases like hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). They cater to numerous applications including vaccination, drug delivery, and blood specimen collection.

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The global smart syringes market growth is registered on account of the growing prevalence of target diseases, the rise in number of vaccinations, and the growth of geriatric population. Also, the increase in need to prevent hospital or clinic acquired infections will positively influence the market growth. Smart syringes are widely used in the filed of vaccination, blood specimen collection, and drug delivery. Vaccination is an important form of prevention and it is used for administrating the antigenic substance to produce immunity to a particular disease. Numerous diseases such as smallpox & polio have been successfully exterminated through the vaccination.

As per the WHO smart syringes are designed to protect the person administering the injection & to prevent the syringe from being used more than once. Government & NGO are taking initiatives to promote the awareness regarding safety & precaution of syringes in different developing countries across the globe. For instance, World Health Organization had launched a policy on injection safety & to block the use of unsafe injections. New WHO safety guidelines & policy offers detailed recommendations highlighting the value of safety features for syringes, including devices which protect health workers against accidental needle injury & consequent exposure to infection.

Market Restraints

High cost of smart syringes, especially passive safety syringes as well as lack of awareness in developing nations, and alternative drug delivery methods are expected to hinder the global smart syringes market growth.

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Impact of COVID-19

Volume of smart syringes to be used in upcoming years is anticipated to witness a sharp increase, due to the COVID-19 immunization programs which are pre-planned across the globe. COVID-19 infection has already proven its ability to create medical equipment shortages like supply of face masks, gowns, and PPE (personal protective equipment) within early days of the crisis. Thus, to overcome such supply chain issues, governments & private organizations have already started manufacturing of syringes, as they are one of the essential components of vaccine delivery. This demand for global vaccination against Covid-19 is wholly prepared to fuel smart syringe manufacturing throughout the pandemic period.

Key Players

Some key operating players are listed in this report such as Becton, Dickinson and Company, Gerresheimer AG, Baxter, Terumo Corporation, B. Braun Melsungen AG, AdvaCare Pharma, Cardinal Health, Parker Hannifin Corp, Numedico Technologies Pty Ltd, Retractable Technologies, Inc., etc.

Market Taxonomy

By Product Type

  • Auto-disable syringes
  • Active safety syringes
  • Passive safety syringes

By Application

  • Vaccination
  • Blood Specimen Collection
  • Drug delivery

By End User

  • Hospitals & HMOs
  • Family practices (Physicians)
  • Diabetic patients
  • Psychiatrics
  • Others

By Region

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa

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