There is no denying that cooks are in very high demand all the world. Restaurants rely on these cooks to make delicious foods and draw in more and more customers. If you would like to become a cook, there are some integral things that you ought to know. One of the most important ones is that there are a certain set of skills that you need to equip yourself with. You will require these skills to become a great cook and make a name for yourself in the food industry. So what skills are these?

Read on to learn about the most crucial skills you should have to become a leading cook. This list of skills has been put together by Ido Fishman.

Culinary Expertise

The most important hard skill chefs need is an ability to cook, as well as knowledge of the kitchen. This broad skill includes a variety of smaller skills, including knife and tasting skills. Chefs need to be able to cook precisely and efficiently. They also need to be skilled at recognizing flavors and judging the balance of seasonings.

According to Ido Fishman, any quality cook who is worth his or salt often has sufficient experience with:

Baking Techniques

  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Consistency
  • Cooking
  • Culinary Expertise
  • Preparation of Food
  • Grilling
  • Selection of Ingredient
  • Knife Control
  • Knife Skills
  • Knife Cuts
  • Pastry
  • Presentation


There is no denying that to work and thrive in the food industry as a cook, you need to show a certain amount of creativity. Are you passionate about cooking and wish to become a cook? If that is so, you should know that cooks need to be open to including new food items in menus as well as enhancing any old recipes that were used earlier. Imagination and creativity will go a long way custom to keep customers and diners coming back for more.

In other words, if you are a creative cook in a restaurant, there is a stronger likelihood that you will draw more customers that someone who cooks the same things over and over again on a daily basis. Creative cooks tend to experiment in these ways:

  • Menu Design
  • Experimenting
  • Collaboration
  • Trial and Error
  • Recipe Design
  • Presentation


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Astute Sense of Business

A critical quality of any efficient cook according to Ido Fishman is that he or she should be extremely good at running and managing a business. What that means is that the cook needs to have an astute business sense. She or he should always be thinking about how they can cook delicious dishes while being cost-effective at the same time. It is of paramount importance that you are able to manage both of these things together. Cooks deal with these tasks often:

  • Business Acumen
  • Administrative
  • Computer Skills
  • Conceptual Thinking
  • Local Foods
  • Budgeting
  • Business Sense
  • Product Selection
  • Costs pertaining to control labour
  • Food Pricing
  • Food Safety
  • Food Regulations
  • Cost Control
  • Food Science
  • Food Service Management
  • Hiring
  • Management of Inventory
  • Ordering
  • Operations
  • Inventory Rotation
  • Cost Reduction
  • Consumer Service
  • Kitchen Management

Attention to Detail

Any cook will tell you that attention to detail is an extremely pivotal skill you need to have if you wish to pursue as a cook a cook in the food industry. Ido has talked about it several times that cooking is in fact a unique science. Each measurement and ingredient has to be exact including ordering products of food or finding out precisely how long to cook particular items so that they are all plated at exactly the same time. It is vital that a cook should have an eye for important details like:

  • Measuring
  • Heat Control
  • Precision
  • Presentation
  • Portion Sizing
  • Supervising
  • Quality of Food

Team Player

It is important you know that a chef is in fact part of a large team and should have the skills to get along and work well with others. If you want to be a cook yourself, it is imperative that you be a good team player and work in sync with your colleagues. A cook needs to work with the other cooks present in the kitchen and also work competently with the rest of the management and staff. To that end, chefs ought to be able to:

  • Collaborate
  • Accept Feedback from others
  • Show Compassion
  • Give Feedback
  • Have a Good Sense of Humor
  • Engage in Team Building exercises
  • Have Emotional Intelligence
  • Training
  • Be Interpersonal

Organizational Skills

It is vital for cooks to have exemplary organizational skills are be very well organized in the kitchen space when they are working. You should also know that (and Ido Fishman has emphasized on this several times as well) most of the times, cooks have to work on a number of different tasks all at once and have to do so while keeping their kitchen safe and clean. Therefore, it is important for a cook to be a great multi tasker and manage several things at the same time. They must be able to create structure and order inside the kitchen. They accomplish this in these effective ways:

  • Commitment to Quality
  • Kitchen Safety
  • Being Efficient
  • Multitasking
  • Kitchen Tools
  • Planning
  • Sanitary Practices
  • Safe Food Handling

Bottom Line

Are you truly passionate about cooking and are keen to choose cooking as your professional career? If that is so, then it is vital that you master the aforementioned skills perfectly. If you lack any of these skills, you are most likely to struggle later on. Once you have a good grip on these very important skills, you will face little trouble and inconvenience acclimating yourself to the professional environment once your cooking career commences.