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PENSACOLA, FLA | IMS Consulting & Expert Services, the nationally prominent legal consulting and expert services firm, announced today that it has acquired Denver-based international visual communications strategy firm Z-Axis. With this expansion, IMS — already a well-established US legal consulting market leader — will offer its services worldwide.

IMS provides its corporate, Am Law, and boutique firm clients with trial strategy services during every phase of the litigation lifecycle, including integrated strategy, expert witness selection and preparation, jury consulting, trial graphics, and trial presentation. Z-Axis has provided creative visual communications strategies, including efficacious presentations in international arbitration, to high-stakes complex litigation clients since 1983.

“We are excited to diversify into the international market. Our US clients will benefit from the expansion of our innovative visual communication capabilities, and our international clients will now have access to IMS’ flagship services, including expert witness services and jury consulting. This is a powerful combination of culturally consistent, top-performing trial services professionals,” said IMS Chief Executive Officer, James Crane.

IMS’ coast-to-coast network of offices, including Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York, Oakland, and Pensacola will now include locations in Denver and the UK.

“By offering our clients additional solutions to their trial-related needs, we are able to provide a greater depth of care, level of dedication, and a more comprehensive array of services,” added Stephanie Kelso, President of Z-Axis. “We are trusted by the most respected attorneys in the world — making this a unique opportunity to not only combine our service offerings but also to reinforce that foundation of trust with our clients.”

About IMS Consulting & Expert Services

IMS Consulting & Expert Services delivers award-winning consultative trial and expert services for the most influential global firms through every stage of litigation. Combining the perspectives and proprietary methods developed over 30 years and more than 2,000 trials, IMS provides attorneys with the essential services they need to win: integrated strategy, expert witness placement, jury consulting, trial graphics, and trial presentation. With strategic locations in major US markets, the IMS team is primed to support in-person and remote litigation needs from coast-to-coast. More at expertservices.com.

About Z-Axis

Z-Axis is an internationally recognized professional services firm specializing in strategic visual communication and forensic case development tools for legal disputes globally. Servicing law firms, corporations, governments, and testifying experts for over 35 years, Z-Axis delivers visual solutions to complex litigation issues in areas of law not limited to commercial litigation, energy and oil & gas, environmental, aviation, construction, insurance, international dispute resolution, and intellectual property. Z-Axis collaborates with clients in nearly all 50 states, as well as in Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada, Guam, Australia, and South America. More at zaxis.com.

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