Reading books continues to be a great way for people to learn, clear their minds, and develop new interests. A passion for reading is something that people tend to develop at an early age. Much of this is due to the impact of young adult book series as they can capture a child’s attention and bring them into an eye-opening universe. One author that has continued to write popular YA fiction books is Jessica Cluess.

Jessica Cluess Creates New Fantasy World

Author Jessica Cluess first started to receive recognition when she introduced the Kingdom on Fire book series in 2016. This series, which has since expanded to a trilogy, was introduced with the first book “A Shadow Bright and Burning.” This book introduces a young heroine that discovers a secret power, which she must learn to control while also trying to find ways to use it for good.

Second Book Introduced in 2017

The It’s Kingdom on Fire novel series written by Jessica Cluess was expanded with the second book in 2017. The second novel, “A Poison Dark and Drowning” continued to follow the heroine as she discovers new challenges and foes in a fight for survival. The action-packed novel left readers on the edge of their seats.

Final Chapter Released in 2018

In 2018, Jessica Cluess released the third installment of the Kingdom on Fire book series. This book, “As Sorrow Fierce and Falling” offers a very exciting and romantic conclusion to the story. This forced our hero to continue to use her powers in an attempt to do good in the world while also making some very difficult choices in her personal life.

Jessica Cluess Celebrates Year Anniversary

Kingdom on Fire has been a popular book series since it was initially released and each chapter in the series has continued to attract new fans. In 2021, Cluess is now celebrating the third-year anniversary of the final book’s release. While the young adult author and her fans continue to look back on the amazing story that was told, they are also looking towards the future. 

Encouraging kids to read is very important. Kids, teens, and young adults that develop a habit and passion for reading will be able to carry this interest for the rest of their lives. Jessica Cluess’s Kingdom On Fire trilogy is helping to stoke that passion.