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“Money is a technology that allows us to imagine futures,” Swartz says.

The excitement has shaped the new generation into getting interested in digital investments. There are hundreds of thousands of available coins to invest to, so the choice is a bit hard.

Amidst competitors, VUCO got the attention of people in the worl of investing. Here are the top 5 reasons why people get interested in VUCO today?

1. Vuuzle TV won the brand blazer award for innovation, and as an OTT company, Vuuzle will be the first to use block chain.


2. People see a huge opportunity to make a lot of money with the VUCO Coin and Vuuzle Media Corp

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3. The low issue of VUCO Coins and the volatility of the new excitement that comes with our new listing is hard for people to say no to.

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4. Every day, people are writing stories about Vuuzle TV and the new VUCO tokenization

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5. Even mainstream news outlets, Forbes magazine, Yahoo!, Verizon, AOL, Iris TV, Roku, and a lot more companies, are talking about Vuuzle.

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