Premier Virtual, an award-winning virtual hiring event platform, refuses to rest on its laurels. After all, the company prides itself on being ‘Future Focused,’ putting innovation at the forefront.


As the virtual event marketplace becomes more crowded, Premier Virtual has risen to the top by providing everything clients need and want to host successful virtual hiring events in one platform. CEO and Founder Steve Edwards is laser-focused on releasing enhancements that make the platform easier, more effective, and more efficient. If they don’t meet those criteria, they don’t want it.


Premier Virtual releases Scheduler and Group Video within weeks of each other. Hosts of events can now have open job fairs, interview days, or both at the same time without limits. From an event with 1,696 companies, to a worldwide hiring event for their clients, they have powered some of the largest virtual career fairs in the US.


“A feature many clients were asking for is the ability for job seekers to schedule an interview in available time slots, so we added that. Now attendees can visit an event, see what jobs are available, and if they see a good fit but can’t stick around for the event, they can schedule a one-on-one interview with the recruiter right in the platform.”


  1. Interview Schedule Features:
  2. Candidates can schedule one-on-one time with the recruiter
  3. Recruiter sets available schedule to choose time to meet with candidates
  4. Eliminates lines, and job seekers don’t have to wait in ques
  5. Allows clients to have an open job fair that candidates can come in and speak directly with a recruiter or schedule a convenient time. It’s the best of both worlds!


“A second feature we just added is the Group Video, which now allows recruiters to speak to small groups or to set up a networking lounge or presentation. Now you don’t have to integrate another tool or platform for group p video, and that’s a real game-changer.”


  1. Group Video Features:
  2. Video Call Button now includes Video Conferencing
  3. Organizations will be able to choose between a Group Video mode or a Presentation Mode
  4. Organizations can invite their users and attendees that have visited their booth
  5. Organizations have features that include a share screen, drawing/annotation toolbar, text chat, session recording
  6. Video Conference participants can enjoy multitasking while on a video session by minimizing and navigating the platform
  7. Intuitive notification system so that users can get back to a call from either the platform or their email


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These are just two of the most recent updates of an entirely upgraded 2.0 platform. Everything has been revamped and enhanced, including the live and post-event reports. Now hosts can access live reporting to see analytics in real-time and download reports after the event.

Even after these enhancements, Premier Virtual has not raised its rates. Clients can budget for their events without being charged more for having too many companies or attendees, like they would have to on competing platforms. Clients enjoy all the new features and improvements without paying a penny more in their license fees.

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