Growing cities and towns create growing pressures on a country’s (or States’) natural resources – and Houston, TX is not immune. As the city has grown, and with over 57% of water for irrigation purposes used by agriculture, water has posed a formidable challenge. Ironically, well-informed Houston irrigation companies know that it’s residential users who consume more water (22 inches per year to irrigate lawns and gardens) than farmers (18 inches per year). This pressure on irrigation requires clever solutions, without which it’s likely that there’ll be huge water scarcity in years to come!


The Growing Irrigation Nightmare

According to the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB), in 2020, the state had 24.7 million acre-feet of available water, and about 14.7 million acre-feet of predicted supply. Consider what the scenario would be if, as occurred in 2016, the State drew 14.2 million acre-feet of water supply. So, what if there was an emergency? What if something had happened to degrade or contaminate part of the existing supply?

Houston irrigation services professionals are acutely aware of these nightmare scenarios, and respond to the challenges with appropriate landscape design and irrigation plans. In fact, if you are planning to work with an irrigation company in Houston, it’s important to ask if they follow the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s recommendations and check lists for irrigation design. Knowing that your landscaper takes those recommendations into consideration, when designing your home or business landscapes, demonstrates their credibility and commitment to Houston’s environment.


Workable Irrigation Solutions 

As a home or business owner, having impeccable landscapes improves property values through enhanced curb appeal. However, experienced Houston irrigation companies know that planning and designing good landscapes can also be great for your wallet, while helping the environment. 



A key element, for proper landscape design, is proper drainage. With the right drainage elements in place, all your landscaping features continue to look their best – for longer! Excess flow of water to some segments of the landscape can cause stagnant pools, leading to rotting roots. Soon, the shrubs, plants, flowerbeds, hedges and trees, around which stagnation happens, start decaying and dying. The best way to avoid that is to work with qualified Houston irrigation services professionals!



Improper drainage leads to wastage of scarce water resources. But, when unused water collects in pools and puddles around your property, it leads to the proliferation of mosquitoes, flies, and other insects and pests. Water, that might have been properly used through intelligent irrigation planning, pools and puddles and provides a perfect breeding ground for these insects.  

This is an especially challenging situation when Houston residents and businesses hold outdoor events. Instead of enjoying the landscape, your guests continually swat and slap pesky creatures all night long! 

The right Houston irrigation companies employ many design and planning considerations in their landscaping recommendations. Requirements, such as length and depth of irrigation channels, placement of tubes, pipes and flow valves, and the number and type of sprinklers – these go a long way to ensure maximum use of water, with minimal wastage. And inadvertently, if there is some overflow – as there typically is, these professionals have contingency plans to recycle and reuse water runoff too!