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As we look towards commencing production for Season 2 of the hit Tv show, Reversed ©, we are proud to announce the launch of our new weekly Podcast series.  The goal is to utilise the power of social media platforms to bridge the gap within the healthcare industry between traditional treatment pathways and the more natural holistic healing pathways.  We are bringing to the Type 2 Diabetes treatment discussion table, the complimentary natural alternative choices that are being tried and tested to work in not only stablishing blood sugar and insulin naturally but are reversing the diabetes to a pre-diabetic wellness state.

Our 3 main focuses right now are to collaborate with and share the ReversedFACTS from;

1. Our top team of Medical Doctors who specialise in natural Type 2 Diabetes treatment approaches lead by Dr Ken Berry MD, a warrior of reversing T2D and against obesity.

2. Our creative Ketogenic Chefs and Keto Food companies to bring the very best diet education and recipes to our viewers lead by Keto Adapted, KetoChow and KetoMojo; and

3. To educate on the broadly unknown benefits of intermittent fasting on our systemic mind and body health and wellness lead by Dr Justin Fung, a Canadian Nephrologist & Fasting Specialist.

The new Podcast series is hosted by Madonna Barr, an experienced radio show host, energetic life coach and deeply passionate natural wellness advocate from Australia.  Also co-hosting from time to time when important issues need to be more deeply delved into, Madonna is joined by our Reversed TV CEO, Director, award winning Filmmaker, Producer & Celebrity Chef, Charles Mattocks.

The Podcast is streamed Live on the Reversed Tv Facebook page twice per week, Sunday and Thursday nights 6pm PT  7pm MT 8pm CT and 9pm ET.  Go to to view of our first Podcast this week with our newest  courageous house guest, Jannet Mascarenas who openly shares the long traumatic history of Diabetes in her family and her hope and determination to learn to reverse her T2D and prevent it developing within her children’s futures as well.   Also viewable on the Reversed TV Youtube Channel @

Upcoming Podcast guests for November are:

– Maria Emmerich, Reversed House Keto Chef and creator of Keto Adapted

– Dr Ken Berry MD, Author of Lies My Doctor Told Me and waging a ware on T2D and obesity.

– Jerome Hughes, Series 1 Guest revisited

– Chris Bair, KetoChow

Our mission at Reversed TV is to bring a voice to the silent suffering of so many people and to tenaciously break open the myths and tabu rules surrounding the can’s and can’t do’s of Type 2 Diabetes treatments.  Sharing inspired hope within the powerful possible reversal of this diseases impact and trajectory forever.

When asked about what excites Charles the most about the Reversed Tv Series, Charles states: “Diabetes advocacy is at a standstill. There are no faces to Diabetes.  There are no stories being told of the suffering.  There is very little natural treatment lifestyle change education being put out there by the health professional or pharmaceutical industries.  Simple changes to diet and lifestyle are reversing Type 2 and giving people back their health, wellbeing and longevity.  So why are we not collectively being more proactive in giving people holistic healing lifestyle choices education? ”

Reversed will next begin production in Mexico to air in the early part of 2021 on a major cable network.   We are currently developing and planning new tv series in Costa Rica, Brazil and Australia with a view of helping reduce Type 2 amongst vulnerable indigenous communities.

About Charles Mattocks


Charles Mattocks has an amazing career inspired by his uncle, the late reggae legend, Bob Marley. He is an award-winning film producer and TV executive, as well as an international diabetes advocate, IDF Blue Circle Champion, and American Diabetes Association published author. Charles has made many appearances on major talk shows around the country from CNN, Dr. Oz, The Today Show and more. As a best-selling author and advocate, Charles was on the road to becoming a household name until he received his own personal diagnosis of Type II diabetes. After such devastating news Charles started a global mission for not only his life, but also for the millions struggling with diabetes.

The Reversed TV series was deeply inspired by Charles’ own Type 2 diagnosis, his reversal journey and the knowing that a Tv series was a powerful tool to educate and inspire the masses to make real lifestyle choice based change.   Charles will continue to tell inspiring stories in upcoming seasons on such conditions as HIV, Mental Health and many others.

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