Slaying the workspace planning dragon: How conference booking & scheduling software does the job!


iCrowdNewswire   Dec 25, 2020  3:03 PM ET

The mobile workforce, combined with greater acceptance of the work-from-home (WFH) culture, has put a spotlight on how organizations plan and manage existing workspaces, especially common-use resources such as meeting and conference rooms. By failing to properly manage the use of these resources, businesses unduly pay for unutilized or under-utilized workspace.

The increasing use of conference booking software is the best way to tame the workspace planning beast.

Tapping into productivity

Workspace management, including meeting rooms, desks, and cubicles, is bringing about the power of good planning and scheduling practices to bear in the efficient and optimum use of these resources. To tap into workspace management productivity, office administrators need to realize two very important facts:

  • Having too much overcapacity (un-used or underutilization) is a problem;
  • And so is under-capacity – where employees scramble to find meeting rooms and conferencing facilities so they may work productively

The former means valuable office real estate is going unused, even though management continues to pay for it. The later is indicative of scarce workplace resources not being scheduled is a way that works for everyone looking for a place to work. In either event, the result is the same:

Un-planned use of workspace is a drag on productivity – both in terms of worker performance as well as organizational competitiveness. The problem needs fixing so employees, visitors, and guests make productive use of these resources.

Restoring the balance

Increasingly, office managers and facility administrators are looking at automated booking and scheduling tools to help them restore the balance of productivity. So, how do these tools help put the scheduling gene back in the bottle? Well, here are some unique features that help automation do just that:

  • Integration: By tapping into corporate systems, such as MS Outlook and Active Directory, workspace scheduling software seamlessly helps synchronize employee schedules with conference room and meeting area availability
  • Web-based: No more waiting until the office opens, and the “office administrator” is available, to check meeting room schedules. Set up a meeting 24/7 through intuitive, secure, web-based interfaces
  • Mobility: Meetings, meeting rooms, and desk availability or usage status now get to staff via their mobile devices. Staff on the go are “plugged-in” when meeting venues change, or a previously unavailable conference room is now freed
  • Kiosks and Touchscreens: Today’s conference room scheduling software support movable (mobile) kiosks and mountable touchscreens that may be set up anywhere – receptions, lobbies, halls, and meeting venues – so anyone can quickly check on meeting room status, book or schedule conference venues, without firing up their desktops or launching a smartphone App (although those options are also supported!)

With features like these available to employees – both on-premises and remotely – improving workspace productivity, through optimum workplace resource scheduling, is a breeze. No longer will employees waste hours, scrambling to find a desk or cubicle to work from. And the days of large groups of employees being blindsided, because of last-minute meeting venue changes, are long gone. Today’s conference room planning and scheduling tools give up-to-the-minute notifications, via email and text messaging, so conferences and meetings move forward productively – as planned!



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