Coming up with business ideas and starting a new business is difficult generally, but it is all the more difficult in post-pandemic life.  If you are a couple looking to work together to have an additional source of income, a small business might be an exciting idea. This article lists the top 50 small business ideas for couples to help you with your decision.

Some couples might argue that starting a business with their significant others might be too risky or too big a hassle; others see it as a dream come true. Although managing a business is far from an easy feat, there are chances your bond with your partner will help you face the vicissitudes of operating a husband and wife business partnership. 

Be warned though, not wanting to mix professional and personal life and affect your relationship is one of the primary reasons why working with your spouse is a bad idea. So, it is best to weigh the pros and cons before embarking on your business venture.

Why Should Couples Consider Starting a Business Together?

Have you ever given it a thought to start your business journey with the person you love? If you both are tired of your tiring monotonous jobs and want to create the life of your dreams, you might want to know should couples consider starting a business together or not? Well, there is no specific answer to this question. However, according to many business experts, there are certain benefits. According to a Harvard business review, around 3 million businesses are owned by couples, and the number is more likely to increase in the future.

Researches have shown that starting a business together led to a significant reduction of income inequality by shrinking the earning differences between spouses. Moreover, it is a sound investment for both spouses that can lead to substantial income raises for both of them. Analyzing from the lens of gender disparity, starting a business with your partner is a step towards mitigating gender inequality.

Starting a business venture with the person who understands you the most in this world can be exciting and adventurous. Many people associate starting Business with your spouse with unhappiness and conflict. However, I don’t find any link in Business; the primary key is communication. Discuss your strengths and weaknesses with your partner to make it work best for you. Being transparent to your work and office can add to healthy relationships. Being transparent regarding your work and knowing when to put a personal hat and a work hat. Implying all these can help you achieve the financial edge you never dreamed of before. Couple business ideas are becoming more popular owing to high-profiled success stories. Keep reading the articles if you want ideas for the Business to start with the love of your life.

50+ Profitable Small Business Ideas For Couples

As with all business plans, you must take your skills, strengths, and weaknesses into account when initiating an entrepreneurial venture. Below is a list of businesses that we think can get you reliable extra income:

Food and Beverage

Catering Company

If you are the kind of couple that enjoys planning and preparing meals together, a catering business can be more of a fun activity than a business for you. It will give you a chance to bond and enjoy while ensuring a source of income for you two. 

You can make this work by dividing the workload according to either of your skill sets; one of you can work on food preparation while the other can manage the customer base, service, and finances. Married couples’ good teamwork can manage a catering business amazingly.

Coffee Shop

One of the best husband and wife business opportunities in a busy neighborhood is to open a coffee shop. The fun part is that the shop serves more than just a source of income; you also get to socialize and hear your customers’ stories. For extroverted couples – yes, we know one of you is more of an introvert – a coffee shop is your type of business.

Another advantage of a coffee shop is that it doesn’t require much space or investment; you can start with a limited menu and focus on quality rather than quantity – and you’re good to go! Again, you can divide the responsibilities between yourself and even hire employees so you can have a lucrative side business without putting all of the effort yourself.

Food Truck Vendor

Sure, the catering business is fun, but if you’re both foodies who love to travel – imagine food on wheels. No, not literally – wait, quite literally. Food trucks can earn you extra money while you enjoy traveling and meeting fun people. You can take your vehicle to festivals, private events, around your neighborhood, or go on a road trip together to see how people from other cities like your food. The possibilities are endless.

Farmers Market Stall

If diving right into the culinary business by buying a food truck or starting a catering company seems like a huge step, you can start small. Running a farmer’s market stall is the best business for couples who want to start a business with relatively lower investments. 

A stall is also one of the best ideas for couples who are into gardening and grow their produce. You could sell home-grown produce or even sell specialty products such as infused olive oils. 

Food Delivery

Instead of investing in an area where you can open your catering business, why not just turn your culinary passions into a home-based business? The food delivery market has had an annual growth rate of 150% in 2020 and is likely to have an annual growth of 5.1% by 2024. The lucrativeness of the business makes it a highly viable business opportunity for couples who don’t want to invest too much in their startup.

Start small and just market your service to your friends and neighbors. In later phases of business development, one can think to include digital marketing and expand further if the tides are rewarding.

Lunch Box Delivery Service

Help out office workers with homemade lunch options. While many organizations offer eatery options in their office buildings, no employee will say no to homemade fresh salads, smoothies, and snacks that are delivered straight to their office. 

This service is one of the easy and simple home business ideas for couples. It has multiple benefits; first, you target a very particular demographic, therefore, already know how to market your product. Secondly, you can prepare and package your lunch boxes from home with minimal investment. In terms of marketing, it is a good idea to make digital marketing your best friend. Later on, you can even up your game by introducing a mobile app for your business.

Executive Industrialists

E-Commerce Retail

If you are one of those creative, crafty couples who enjoy working on fun DIY projects together, you can market your delightful products on platforms like Etsy or Zibbet. A bit of online presence can also go a long way into building a loyal customer base because this is an online business idea that requires you to put in the effort through the internet.

One of the significant plus advantages of being an e-commerce retailer is that since it’s a home-based business, you can enjoy extra income from the comfort of your home.

E-Commerce Wholesale

If you are ready to put in extra effort and sell your products, the online wholesale market can be quite lucrative for you. You can focus your business on various niches, and all of them can be profitable if you take steps to stand out from your competition. The trick is to make sure you are comfortable with the niche you choose and offer unique products based on it. 

Online Reseller

Perhaps you enjoy looking incredible in big coats from the thrift shop down the road. Married couples – or those in a relationship together – that love shopping together and find good deals on otherwise generally products can become online resellers. You will earn an extra buck from having a good eye and being trendy. With enough online presence, you can be trend-setters instead. 

You can also base these kinds of business models on buying and reselling products like antiques, comic books, or musical instruments.

Affiliate Marketing

Retailers worldwide utilize affiliate marketing as a business strategy. It helps them market their products and reach potential customers by digital marketing on external websites and social media platforms. Therefore, retailers are willing to pay top dollar for commissioned work in expanding brand recognition, sales, and consumer engagement.


Deliver products to customers on an on-demand basis and gain a reliable source of income through just that. In terms of marketing, adding the following to your brand profile can help you phenomenally: user testimonials and reviews; ensuring your website and user experience is unique and exciting; generating persuasive content and descriptions for products.

Forex Trading

Although there are a lot of risks involved in the trade, forex trading is perfect for couples who find gambling thrilling. In simple words, Forex trading involves trading one currency for another, thus earning money on the difference. This business does involve educated guesses and is a great business idea for couples who know about the global market and can actively be involved in the trade.

Health and Wellness

Juice and Smoothie Bar

Many people around the world are revamping their dietary and nutritional habits after the pandemic. A healthy lifestyle is what the majority are looking for in 2021. 

The juice and smoothie bar industry is expected to see an annual growth rate of 2.7% for 2021 and is a lucrative side business opportunity for couples who are health-focused. This business idea for couples also comes under the food and beverage industry, and is personally my favorite out of the top 50 small business ideas for couples.

Fitness Instruction

Couples who are also gym buddies and passionate about health and fitness can benefit from this type of business; you can enjoy your workouts and earn money while doing it! A fitness business can either offer personal training or class instruction, but either option works just as well. What’s more is that if one of you is a personal trainer while the other is a fitness instructor for a class, you can diversify your business and increase your customer base.

Becoming fitness instructors generally requires you to get certified through organizations before you start accepting clients. Certifications build your credibility and help your business grow. Nevertheless, this is one of the great business ideas for couples that are enjoyable and still secure an income.

Online Nutrition and Fitness Instruction

Why invest in a gym when you can offer fitness and nutrition advice to potential customers online? The fitness industry is likely to have an annual growth rate of 1.5% between 2020-2024, and if you two are fitness fanatics, you should ride this tide to your utmost benefit. Online fitness instruction can be a lucrative side business because everyone is looking to be healthy nowadays. Everyone is searching for convenient online companies that can help them out.

You can include individual and custom plans as well as group sessions to diversify your services. In terms of marketing, share your certifications, passion for fitness, and client results for successful digital marketing campaigns.  

Smart Wearables

This facet of the fitness industry is incredibly trendy in recent years. At least 90% of American fitness enthusiasts have reported using at least one type of wearable technology. If the two of you are technologically aware and can manage to create wearables for your chosen demographic, your product is sure to bring beneficial ROI. If not, you can try other options.

MisFit, RedHealth, and other sites offer excellent affiliate marketing options, so maybe you can consider working with them. Another opportunity is to start a dropshipping business by connecting with wholesale distributors like Cellular Stockpile, PCS Wireless, etc.  

Clothing and Accessories

Fashionable fitness wear has been trending since recent years, looking for gear made of sustainable materials and combining what looks good with what’s comfortable. This business is a great idea for couples who want to milk the fitness clothing market for its worth, and the market is forecast to be worth more than $95B by 2025.

In terms of marketing, decide what fashion trends fit your brand image, what demographic you want to focus on, and market your product accordingly. A mix of traditional and digital marketing can go a long way in making your business plan work.

Fitness App

If you are interested in creating a fitness app that will help consumers plan their workouts and maintain a healthy routine, the health (mobile health) market can be very lucrative. Even though it already has a lot of competition, qualified couples with experience in fitness and exercise can stand out by introducing custom workout plans and other features like reminders, reward systems, and member chat.

Nutrition App

Like a fitness app, a nutrition app can help users keep track of their diets and be very rewarding financially. Use your knowledge of diet and nutrition to give back to the community and help people become healthier by offering them a weight loss and calorie counter app or an app based on specialty diets like the keto or paleo diet.

Home Services

Home-Cleaning Service

For couples that enjoy cleanliness and tidy houses, cleaning homes can be hands-down therapeutic. Add to this the fact that most parents with long workdays are generally too tired to clean their homes regularly, and you’ve got yourself the foundation of a business model. You can do many married couples a favor and offer your evenings and weekends to do housework chores for a reasonable hourly rate. These chores include dusting, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, and floor washing. 

Laundry Service on Demand

There is never a time when laundry will not be one of the trivial chores associated with running households. With proper management backed with a business plan, it is a simple service that can be a beneficial side business idea for couples. In these kinds of business models, you can never go wrong. It might give you more of a push to know that the laundry service market is likely to grow at an annual growth rate of 35.9% between 2020 and 2027.

Pest Control Company

While DIY solutions can counter pest invasions, for the time being, they are never the ultimate solution for infestations – homeowners will inevitably turn to professional help. What’s more is that businesses, hotels, and even restaurants require pest-control services from time to time. Pest control is a simple but lucrative business opportunity for couples who want to earn some money on the side. You can offer residents and business owners in your area services including but not limited to: physical pest control and traps; pesticides, poison or fumigation services; and biological pest control. 

Community-Based Services

Cell-Phone Repair

If you are a tech-savvy couple with mobile hardware and software know-how, cell phone repair services might be the right business for you. You can either opt for a location-based service or launch a mobile repair business that works on demand. Offer your service with convenience, fair pricing, and reliability, and you will start building a customer base in no time. What will increase the influx of customers to your business is maintaining a stable online presence. 

Answering Service

The modern world is a world welcoming the gig economy with open arms. Remote workers and freelancers can earn an extra buck on their timings, needs, and frequencies. If offering an answering service sounds like a good plan to you, you can expect responsibilities ranging from but not limited to: resolving customer questions or complaints; sending and receiving emails and faxes; and answering incoming calls and forwarding messages. You can offer these services on platforms like Arise and NexRep.

Grant Writing

If the two of you have mastered the written word and can generate engaging content with ease, grant writing can be the ideal business for you. It takes meticulous research, the ability to work with deadlines, and an expert writing style, but grant writing is in heavy demand and can be pretty rewarding. What’s more, since more than 1.5 million non-profit organizations depend on grant funding, you will never run out of opportunities to earn.


Do you enjoy capturing moments and have an eye for perfect lighting? If you are a couple that can capture stunning pictures, you can start a photography service with minimal investment. You have many potential sources of revenue if you decide to freelance or open a photography business. These can include family and portrait photography, events and fashion photography, landscape, wildlife photography, and social media photography. That said, you must choose a niche that you are comfortable with since there is a lot of competition in the photography industry, and being the best at your trade will make you stand out. 

Travel Agency

If you love traveling and would like to help others experience heavenly vacations, starting a travel agency could be just right for you. A travel agency is a business idea for profitable post-pandemic couples; being locked in their homes has drained most of your potential customers, and a majority are just itching to go for exciting getaways.

The annual growth rate for the travel industry has been 7.9% between the years 2015 and 2019; with the market dipping significantly during the pandemic, it is likely to rise considerably and be highly profitable for people who enjoy planning vacations.

Wedding Planning

Why not help other love birds plan their special day? This business is a fantastic idea for couples who enjoy planning and executing events together and want to turn it into a lucrative side business. The wedding industry is, without a doubt, highly in demand and would be an excellent fit for your skill sets and interests. You can help couples make their special day memorable by planning decorations, food, hiring photographers, and more!

Drone Piloting

Drone markets have been on the rise ever since drones entered the commercial market. The drone market will grow by an estimated annual growth rate of 20.5% by 2024, and with all those drones lying about, there is increasing demand for pilots to fly them. If you think you can be adept drone pilots, you can dive right into the action. Since this service is relatively new, now might be the ideal time to stand out and establish a monopoly on the market.

Owning a full-blown drone business can also be considered lucrative for you since many sectors ranging from photography to agriculture, can benefit from your service. 


Landscape and Garden Consultancy

Couples good at gardening and think using it as a consultancy to earn some extra income can use this business idea. Many homeowners look for advice on how to turn their common-looking gardens into gorgeous ones. If you have an eye for reshaping gardens, you can help homeowners by advising them about installing rain barrels, rain gardens, and compost piles.

As people become aware of their environmental footprint, more homeowners would be willing to pay an extra buck for expert advice on the matter. You may use your passion for gardening as the foundation for a business model and get paid for your skills.

Herb Garden

The demand for herbs is evergreen, with the market expecting annual growth of 6.4% between 2020-2025. Herbs are used as a garnish in foods, infused in drinks and cocktails, or utilized as herbal medicines. Herbs come with a multitude of benefits in health, allowing you a variety of options to earn money. You can sell herbs directly to consumers, restaurants, distribute them to manufacturing companies wholesale, or sell herbs to local health food and supplement stores.

Organic Foodstuffs

The organic foodstuff market is the fastest-growing sector in the food industry, making it an ideal business opportunity for couples interested in horticulture. If you can provide fruits and vegetables that showcase increased nutritional values and limited pesticide usage, you can guarantee yourself staggering ROIs. Arrange a space to plant and cultivate your foods, and you’re good to go! 

In terms of marketing your business, initiating and maintaining connections with grocery stores, restaurants, and your potential customers can be done with a noticeable online presence. You can market yourself further by ensuring quality that stands out from the market.

Plant Nursery

Another blossoming market is that of plant nurseries. A plant nursery can present an ideal business opportunity for couples looking to generate significant ROIs with minimal investment. The most you need is a small patch of property to grow your plants on and big hearts to nurture your green friends. Regardless of your product, you can supply to retail nurseries and local landscapers with ease. So, if you two have an interest in botany, you can get a reliable source of income by maintaining a plant nursery. 

Real Estate

House-Flipping Business

House-flipping is an exciting opportunity for couples that are good at finding real estate opportunities. This idea is one of the kinds of business plans which requires you to be good at reselling overlooked and underrated products – properties in this case – and sell them for a profit. House-flipping can be a lucrative side business for couples who have a knack for remodeling homes to make them more attractive to the market.

Brainstorming for ideas and marketing your business online can help you reach potential customers successfully.

Home Rentals

Home rentals are one of the kinds of husband and wife business ideas that are good for couples that travel. If you don’t mind renting your house while you are away on vacation, you can earn a worthwhile income by putting it up on platforms like Airbnb and HomeAway. The good news for you is that the short-term rentals market is likely to observe an annual growth rate of 19.7% between 2020 and 2023.

Another idea for couples is that they rent rooms that are free in the house. If you don’t mind sharing the extra space, go for it and earn the extra buck!

Mobile Homes

With mobile homes having one of the best cap rates in the real estate landscape, venture capitalists can make this into a pretty lucrative side business. Mobile homes have lower risks involved in investment and are high in demand. 


Investing in campgrounds is another opportunity for couples who like to socialize and enjoy the outdoors. Opening a campground and RV park might serve you well if you are willing to put in the hard work. Although the compound annual growth rate of the industry dipped during the pandemic, the revenue equates to $7.5 billion. 

Crowdfunding Real Estate Investing

If you are well-informed about the real estate industry but want to start with smaller investments, crowdfunding is a great idea! You can join other investors and invest in properties with them to purchase properties. 

The crowdfunding real estate market has an impressive annual growth rate and is likely to reach $114 billion by the end of 2021. 

E-Learning or Entertainment

Online Teaching and Tutoring Service

If you want to help students out and think you would be good teachers, online tutoring is an online business idea that is incredibly worthwhile post-pandemic. Since remote work and education have become common after the COVID-19 lockdown, tutoring online is much more demanding. This business is an excellent opportunity for couples who enjoy reading books and teaching.

There are many options available on what you can tutor and teach, and couples can give courses about topics ranging from physics to learning musical instruments.


If you two enjoy writing, you can go right ahead and share your words of wisdom and life experiences alike and earn money by helping others! Choose your niche, decide what your demographic will be, and voila! Make sure to create engaging and exciting content, and the final push you need is to sell your e-book for a reasonable price.

Booklets and Manuals

Help people assemble Ikea products or fix everyday appliances by writing booklets tackling common issues people face. This business is similar to e-books, the difference being that you will need to give proper instructions with detailed steps to help appropriately. Just highlight a common problem and suggest a solution, and you’re good to go!


Vlogging is an online business idea for creative couples that enjoy sharing stories, ideas, and experiences. YouTube is an excellent platform for vlogging, and couples who want to document their lives, advise on issues, pull pranks on each other, and more can improve their online presence on the website by creating unique and exciting content. To use this as a business model and boost your income, you need to post content regularly while keeping the content interesting.


Blogging is also one of the kinds of business ideas for married couples where you need to consistently come up with new content to keep your readers hooked. It can be an excellent idea for couples who enjoy sharing their thoughts and experiences with the online community.

Pet Businesses

Pet-Sitting Business

Pet-sitting is another type of business that can be relaxing, particularly for animal lovers. You can let your friends and neighbors know that you are available to watch and take care of their pets. People are more inclined to leave their pets with trustworthy homeowners rather than boarding facilities because they know their pets will receive individual attention and care. On the off chance that one of you is a veterinarian, this could be the perfect business for you. 

Dog Walking

Dog walking is similar to pet-sitting, except you keep your customers’ dogs for a limited amount of time and can charge your clients at an hourly rate. This business model will help you stay active and earn money at the same time!

Pet Products

Whether you open a traditional location-based shop or an online business, making your mark in the competitive pet products industry can be highly lucrative. You just need to offer products that don’t already saturate the market. 

Tech Niches and Digital Solutions

These are the honorable mentions in the tech and digital solutions industry:

IT Service and Support

Build an online team together and provide IT support to businesses around you.


If you two have the skills, then the cybersecurity market demands professionals, and you can offer your skills to numerous companies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Offer AI solutions in education, medicine, business development, and even the judicial system.

Smart Home Devices

Manufacture doorbells, security cameras, plugs, thermostats, and other smart home devices and become a wholesale distributor.


Help content rank using your knowledge of SEO and outshine the competition.

Graphic Design

Couples with the creativity and technical skills necessary to design graphics can sell it.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is necessary for any business, so if you are good at it, monetize your skill to earn top dollar.

Social Media Managing

Provide support to social media accounts by scheduling posts and talking to customers online.

Benefits of Couple based Business

There are several benefits of working as a couple, including improved communication, a greater sense of respect and appreciation

Improved and Open Communication

As I mentioned earlier, effective communication is the key in Business, and it will benefit you in your relations as well. Running a business with your spouse makes it easy for you to communicate your point of view. Even if you disagree with some idea, you know how to convince or settle the problem with the person you know the most about. I am not saying working with your partner as a co-entrepreneur is, all in all, a happy situation. There might be times when you have to face their conflicting ideas or different personalities, but it will also give you the idea to know your partner more by listening to their ideas instead of just brushing them off. Starting a business can provide you the opportunity to be more natural and honest with your partner.

More Appreciation from your spouse

Getting appreciated from your partner often fades between couples with time. Business ideas for a couple can allow you to explore and appreciate your partner’s ability more. In addition, it keeps reminding you of why you think to love that person.

Sharing ideas, opportunities, and your inspiration with the person you love can make you appreciate each other’s strengths and support if something goes wrong.

Add fun to your relationship.

What’s the point of working if you are not enjoying what you do? If you are a daring person, starting a business with your spouse can add much fun to your relationship. There might be times when a couple of business ideas seem challenging, but you can not go to heights without taking risks.

The journey of starting a financial venture with your spouse can be enjoyable. It gives you new ways to interact and, above all, working on what you love with the person you love.

Achieving Success and improving life together

Gaining a sense of achievement and feeling proud of what you are doing helps people to feel like they are progressing in their life. It gives you more motivation and enhances your engagement in your work. Nevertheless, it can lead to indignation in a relationship.

Accomplishing heights of Success together can eliminate the chance of indignation, which can ruin the relationship. Standing right beside each other, giving support and coffee when the other person needs it, that’s what a couple of business ideas are about.

Trusting and sharing the workload

Being anxious about the pending work does more harm than any good. If you do not know your business partner well, it will not be easy for you to resolve any conflict or share your burden. Working with your spouse likely means you both want to achieve the same goals.

When you do different jobs, you can not match your time slots, increasing misconceptions in a relationship. Working together for the exact cause can increase your trust and give you a feeling of equality which you cannot get working separately.

Bottom Line

Working with your spouse or significant other might distract you from the business dealings or create tension in your relationship, but some couples might make for great business partners. It all depends on how you two handle conflict and support each other. Depending on your skills and passions, you can choose any business idea From the top 50 small business ideas for couples mentioned in this article and start your business venture knowing that you’ll do great at it. Just be sure to divide the workload evenly based on your strengths and weaknesses so that neither of you feels too burdened. 


List of Commonly Asked Questions and Answers on a Website About Topics “mall Business Ideas for Couples

Q1. What Business Can a Couple Start?

We have shared specific business ideas which you can start with your spouse in the article, e.g., cake shop, coffee shop, catering, or any digital business.

Q2. Can Husband and Wife Be Business Partners?

Yes, husbands and wives can be exceptional business partners. By communicating and addressing the conflicts and being transparent about your work life and personal life, you can achieve different heights of Success with the love of your life.

Q3. Should a Couple Go into a Business Together?

There is no specific answer to this question, but many types of research have shown a significant increase in the income of both partners after starting a business together.