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The new Yakkyofy Plugin for Woocommerce will allow store owners to open and manage a dropshipping business smoothly thanks to a new automatic fulfillment process.

Rome 20/10/2020, Yakkyofy has just released its own official plugin for WordPress, co-developed with the team at Codeat. The plugin seamlessly connects your WooCommerce store with Yakkyofy’s software that can help users to source dropshipping products and streamline the entire fulfillment process of their business automatically.

After installing the plugin, users can easily source and find products to sell in a few clicks, import them on their Woocommerce store, and start to sell. Every time they receive an order, it will be automatically processed by Yakkyofy who will purchase the products, ship them to the final customer, and upload the related tracking number onto the WooCommerce website.

Yakkyofy’s Ceo & Founder, Giovanni Conforti, described the project as “bringing the dropshipping eCommerce sector to a new level.” In fact, the ease of the system can convince small companies to try this new supply chain method, while the automatic features will allow big players to scale faster and increase their profits. 

“We’ve been working with a lot of dropshippers over the past few months and studying their needs when we noticed a gap in the WordPress dropshipping market,” said Conforti. 

“Among the WordPress plugins, there aren’t so many options for creating a dropshipping store, and surely not options that don’t use an arbitrage system to source and ship the products”. “The Yakkyofy Plugin is different, we can source and buy products directly from factories at B2B prices and provide private label, to offer the service not only to small retailers but also to brands.”

A fast-growing supply chain method

The Dropshipping business model is a cost-effective model for entrepreneurs to start an e-commerce business and sell products online without having to carry inventory.

This market is growing fast and even faster after the Covid-19 outbreak. According to the Dropshipping Market Forecast to 2027COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis by Product Type, Organization Size, and Geography In 2019 the market was valued at US$ 162.44 billion and now is forecasted to reach US$ 591.77 billion by 2027 with a growth at CAGR of 18.3% from 2020 to 2027.

Also if the COVID-19 crisis has been affecting also the drop shipping sector, this didn’t stop its growth.  Due to the pandemic, warehouses, suppliers, and delivery companies are not operating at their full capacity and this might cause some shipping delays and create problems dropshipping, but on the other hand, the rising of internet penetration and, consequently the increase of the internet users, has rapidly and enormously increased the potential market for dropshippers, boosting the growth of eCommerce sales in general and especially in this sector.

Technology, such as Yakkyofy, together with the dropshipping method, can easily facilitate online shopping and delivery making shipment possible anywhere, as the majority of the population has access to the Internet and this led both consumer and business to move from traditional stores to online. Less investment is a beneficial part of Dropshipping, allowing new start-ups and entrepreneurs to enter and launch companies.

Automated dropshipping on WordPress

In this growing market, Yakkyofy is the only plugin for WordPress that offers a completely integrated and automated dropshipping fulfillment process from beginning to end. Within a couple of minutes of installing and activating the plugin, any user can start selecting products and import them on their store, ready to be sold and shipped to more than 100 countries across the World. 

Unlike plugins that use arbitrage, Yakkyofy can offer products at B2B prices, customize them, and check the quality of the items. Allowing them more control over shipments, selecting the fastest possible shipping method available, and to pack more items into a single parcel.

By automating the entire fulfillment process, Yakkyofy can also make business owners save time and money in communication with suppliers, and, thanks to their real-time inventory feature, it can help big players scale their sales avoiding out-of-stock problems.

“We create a software solution” continues Giovanni Conforti “that provides all the sourcing and logistics for your business and helps users to manage all their stores, orders, quotations, and shipping from only one account and with only one partner.”

About the Company: Yakkyofy is a dropshipping software created by Yakkyo Srl, a company based in Italy and in China, that helps shop owners to completely automate the management of their Dropshipping store. Yakkyofy sources the products to sell, also branded with your own logo, helps import them into your store with only a few clicks and takes care of all the order fulfillment process automatically. All of the Yakkyofy services are available with just a few clicks, directly on our software, no manual work required. 

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