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Tequila 2019 –

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Tequila Market – 2019-2025

Report Description:

Tequila is an alcoholic drink, and its name is based on the city of origin, i.e., Tequila located in Mexico. It is a distilled beverage which is alcoholic. It is produced from the blue agave plant. Tequila shots are too famous across the world. While some may take it neat as is done in the Mexican States, the rest of the world takes the shot with lime and salt. Tequila consists of 50 to 70 percent of alcohol.

Blue Agave plants are grown in red soil, and such agricultural conditions are easily suited and available in the city of Tequila. It is said that more the age of alcohol, more it gets enhanced in its quality. There are four variations based on the aging factor of Tequila, which is Blanco, reposado, anejo, and the new Anejo. Other two styles are highland and lowland based on the agave plants cultivation in the upland and Guadalajara respectively. The quality or the variation of Tequila is mentioned on the label itself

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Th following manufacturers are covered in this report, with sales, revenue, market share for each company:

Jose Cuervo




1800 Tequila

El Jimador Family

Don Julio

Familia Camarena Tequila




Cabo Tequila



Clase Azul

Avion Tequila

1921 Tequila

4 Copas

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Scope Of Report:

Regional Producers

Major Tequila consumption is found in countries such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Central & South America, and Middle East & Africa.

Segments of Tequila Market

Blanco being the first segment of Tequila, it can stay in its pure form up to 60 days from the day of bottling. The second category of Tequila can rest for a period ranging between 60 days to a year. Añejo tequilas are filled in oak wood barrels, and they are aged for a period between 1 to 3 years. The last category, extra new Anejo, is aged for more than three years. Old Tequila is blended in the later segment of tequila. Each of these four qualities of Tequila is available in two subtypes, which is highland, and Lowland tequila based on where does it grow, i.e., in the upland or Guadalajara as mentioned earlier.

Based on purity, it is available as 100% pure and 60% pure tequila. Based on the distribution channel, Tequila market supply channels through Business to Business, Business to Customer, and on the e-commerce platform.

Tequila Market Growth Indicators

Human beings have since medieval ages enjoyed taking alcoholic drinks. As tequila is considered to be the strongest alcoholic drink, there is a huge demand for it. There is a spur in demand for tequila. Improvement in society, better employment opportunity, and disposal income have even drawn the traditional people to cocktail culture. The demand for tequila is not only confined to bars, but it is also found in restaurants and residence.

The growth is restrained in states which do not allow drinking alcohol without a license or permit. The global tequila market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4% during 2019-2025. The global tequila market is expected to reach up to 6360 million USD by the end of 2025. The producers need to manufacture a large quantity of tequila in cost-effective barrels to keep the manufacturing cost low.

Table of Content:

1 Study Coverage

2 Executive Summary

3 Breakdown Data by Manufacturers

4 Breakdown Data by Type

5 Breakdown Data by Application

11 Company Profiles

12 Future Forecast

13 Market Opportunities, Challenges, Risks and Influences Factors Analysis

14 Value Chain and Sales Channels Analysis

15 Research Findings and Conclusion

16 Appendix

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