It’s no secret that, without meticulous planning, organization, scheduling, and implementation, no organization will run successfully. That’s true for every asset the company owns, including people and property. Today, with the help of highly intuitive and intelligent meeting and room scheduling software, not only are organizations managing their assets more effectively, but also keeping the people that use, maintain, and manage those assets safe.

The Need for Better Booking and Scheduling Today

Consider a hypothetical situation where several of your employees turn up for a meeting at the office, some driving for an hour through traffic jams and inclement weather from other locations. When they arrive, they find there are no rooms available for the session. Add to that the fact that two key individuals canceled their participation last night – and other participants only knew of it when they arrived at the meeting venue!

Well, if that’s happened to your staff, it’s no surprise. According to one research firm, more than $37 billion is lost annually by US companies because of ineffective meetings. What’s the best way to deal with the challenge?

The key to a better-run office is better-managed meetings – it’s really that simple!  And one way to drive efficiency in meetings is to implement full-featured meeting booking software across the company. These systems are packed with features that help meeting and event organizers manage their proceedings more effectively. And, integration with other corporate systems, such as email servers and messaging apps, gives them an added level of effectiveness that’s invaluable in today’s post-pandemic work environment.

Solving the Ineffective Meeting Challenge

So, how would such a tool address the challenges highlighted in the hypothetical situation discussed earlier?

–  Meeting organizers use powerful room scheduling software first, to determine if the session can go ahead at the designated location. If not, they may either reschedule it when space is available or hold it at an alternate location where space is available. Booking and scheduling software makes it that easy!

–  Because today’s workplace scheduling tools are integrated with corporate personal address books, email software and communications systems, these tools can send an automatic notification to all participants on the status of the venue. People will know well in advance what the status of room availability is – and they won’t head for that long and arduous drive unless a room is available

–  Finally, scheduling tools today are highly secure and integrated solutions. Everyone can access their meeting booking software remotely –  either from home, while at another meeting or from their car. Doing so allows them to quickly propose alternate dates if others cancel at the last minute; or propose alternate locations, if there are space constraints at the main office  

While these three features go a long way in bringing efficiency and effectiveness to the workplace, scheduling and booking systems help with a continuum of office organization and management challenges. 

Maintenance crews may leverage room scheduling software to schedule deep cleaning and disinfection at the most appropriate times. Organizations may consider implementing Office Hoteling models more seamlessly, where multiple organizations share the same space for cost-cutting/reduction purposes. With the right software solution partner on your side, the possibilities are, in fact, endless!