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  • Scaling chamber satellite offices around Latin America & the Caribbean in friendly countries towards the United States
  • Promoting economy, trade, international cooperation, and human development with a mission to assist the region in education, preparedness and partnerships against illegal immigration, human trafficking, and criminal activities.
  • One of the new developments for the Chamber in 2020-2021, Combatting Human Trafficking and modern-day Slavery”. Creating Awareness.

Miami, Florida, August 21, 2020   September 1st  marks the 20th Anniversary the U.S Minority Chamber of Commerce (U.S. MCC) was established for the purpose to assist micro-small-medium size businesses throughout our centers in Washington DC, Miami, Los Angeles, New York and Puerto Rico , including Latin America and the Caribbean nations. The U.S. Minority Chamber of Commerce celebrates its anniversary with a new online development through international trade and an investment training center. Also, a new Digital Business News platform: Minority Report.

In this new season of 2020-2021 the priority will be to create new partnerships with serious organizations, international businesses and provide trade resources with online events.  The U.S Minority Chamber celebrates 20 years of outstanding service to minority businesses, today we are stronger, thanks to the support of our members, partners, and friends in the Americas.

Also, U.S MCC will expand offices in different cities of the United States and Latin America, leveraging the collective power of diverse entrepreneurs in the international business community for human development,  strengthening programs and counterparts that help build partnership; advancing the U.S.-Global relationship, cross-border commerce focused initiatives; and building member resources that help business grow.

“In the last 20th Years we continue focusing our efforts to promote economic opportunity, trade with a forward facing, robust strategy to showcase U.S products and services engagement overseas to strengthen our economy and increase good will for all” said Doug Mayorga, President and Founder of Minority Chamber of Commerce, “Today we are very excited to organizing through our centers in Mexico, Honduras, Colombia, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic, a new humanitarian program  and bring better future to the people in the region, combating the Human Traffic and Slavery, as violence against people in poverty is increasing across the region with a priority to protect vulnerable women and children.”

The U.S. MCC is the largest minority business organization in the United States with goals to create a better Americas by 2021, by ending poverty, fighting inequality and guided by the America First’s program goals, it is now up to all of us, governments, businesses, civil society, and the private sector  to work together to build a better future for vulnerable communities.

About USAMCC: A private entity born in 2000 with over 32,000 affiliates and strategic partners in the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America, whose platform has been a benefit to the economic, financial, and business development of vulnerable communities. It has 8 offices in the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America. Its mission is to bring the corporate education from American culture, of success and progress through innovation and opportunities, and is the main international development organization in “The Americas”,”, while also being a catalyst that promotes the results of business development through international cooperation, export and import trade within the spectrum of shared prosperity. USAMCC’s works to promote U.S. national security, its members and strategic partners, and the humanitarian vision by demonstrating the generosity of the American people. For more information:

Contact Information:

Maria Loaisiga – Directora de Asuntos Públicos
202)250-0260 Washington DC – HQ
(786)406-2190 Miami HUB- Latino América
(787)239-9876 Puerto Rico HUB- región del Caribe
(646)836-4937 New York
HUB- Europa & Africa
(626)465-9236 Los Angeles- HUB- Middle East & Asia
Email: [email protected]


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