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The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce, announces the World Small Business Summit Bogota 2022 with the official presentation of Fluence Corp as U.S. Delegate, the high-level conference is a strong signal to potential companies that Colombia is committed to increasing its trade with the U.S.

  • The goal is to assist through connections and funding to stay afloat, many small businesses
  • Other priority is to learn how global small and micro-businesses can succeed in this dynamic market with the United States to create jobs and prosperity at home

Miami, Florida February  14, 2022. The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce Minority announces its XXIV Edition of the  World Summit Small Medium Size Enterprise (PYMES) 2022 to be held next March 14-15, 2022 at the wonderful Bogota Plaza Hotel in the capital of Colombia. For more information, you can visit: https://www.worldpymes.org/

The World Summit Small Medium Size Enterprise includes more than 100 international attendees from the business leadership and public officials from approximately 12 countries, representing private sector companies, municipalities, agricultural organizations, and industries.

One of the Key Company attending the mission is the  Fluence Corp,  a multinational U.S. global company that will present “transformation of sewage into recycled water for beneficial use such as irrigation and other non-potable uses”, as a part of the innovation conferences and roundtable with representatives from Colombia government, corporations and institutions. The roundtable discussed High Tech to foster a culture of innovation and encourage the commercialization of new ideas for a better solution in the communities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The event has a portfolio of high-level corporate speakers, business, governments, and multilateral institutions, will highlight both the real benefits of what they represent SMEs in the world in terms of job creations, an impressive engine in any economy, any country”, said Doug Mayorga, CEO and Founder of the U.S. MCC, “ The Summit considered the most important global meeting of world business SMEs, has become with the passing of the years an extraordinary event which confirms its power and leading role of small and medium enterprises and their crucial role in the global economy with governments and international organizations”.

The Summit will convene a wide range of stakeholders from the trade and development community, entrepreneurs, business leaders, government officials, and inspirational speakers from all walks of life to share experiences, showcase initiatives, encourage networking and brainstorm rebuilding a more equitable and sustainable future.

About the World Summit on SMEs: the global benchmark event for the development of business in the community of small and medium enterprises. It provides a unique forum for reflection, debate, consultation, and training on key trends and current and future challenges. The Summit will demonstrate that the SME business is a response to the great economic challenges of our time, aims to promote and encourage the development of small business in all countries, this year innovation and high technology will be the dominant vectors.

About USMCS: is an independent not for profit economic development organization that has been providing leadership from minority businesses (Latino, African Americans, Women and Asian Americans ). Since 2000 providing conferences, connections, and facility businesses with Latin America and the Caribbean in the delivery of trade and investment through public-private partnerships.




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