Aug 15, 2020 12:00 PM ET

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The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce (U.S. MCC) launches the Minority Report, a digital news program to help millions of Hispanic businesspeople acquire the real information of what is going on in America

This digital program will air on Monday August 17 from 8 A.M to 9 A.M. the Minority Report will be in Spanish and broken down in four segments:

  1. Provide business opportunities by identifying in-demand contracts and trade
  2. The Interview of the Day, where public officials and business leaders will discuss both their experiences and insights of American business trends
  3. Deliver up-to-date Information about economic opportunities to our viewers through loans, grants, certifications, and resources
  4. Update our viewers on the U.S. 2020 elections, to inform and empower Latino communities.

Miami, Florida. August 15, 2020. The U.S Minority Chamber of Commerce announces a new web series, the Minority Report, a digital news program starting on Monday August 17, 2020 at 8:00 am to 9:00 AM E.T.  Its message seeks the truth and advocates for the Hispanic community in America. In this Digital Age, The Minority Report is expected to reach millions in Hispanic audiences. People can access the program on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn at the U.S. Minority Chamber of Commerce.

The U.S.MCC, is recognized internationally as one of the largest and most influential business organizations in the U.S.-Latin America & the Caribbean region. The objective of the web series is to provide innovative programming that informs and educates its viewers with updates about trends in the economy, finance, news coverage of the 2020 election in the United States. The Minority Report is meant inspire and empower its Hispanic American audience with the knowledge and skillset to enhance their businesses.

The Minority Report is an independent digital network, minority-owned and operated by leaders in the U.S. MCC produced by Latinos that wish to illuminate truth by authentically representing our vital Hispanic American communities. This resource aims to explore the economy and leadership for over 1,500,000 minority Hispanic businesses, both SMEs and large enterprises, while working together to connect people through trade, investment, international cooperation, and political issues affecting our country.

“ The Minority Report will hire journalists with different backgrounds and points of view that will helps us create an informative news platform that will enrich the Latino community”, said the President of the U.S MCC and host of  Minority Report Doug Mayorga , “The collapse of journalism in America has created a crisis that’s has divided our nation and destroyed the democratic system for our future generations. The powerful economic sector of Hispanic minorities no longer receives the information they need to understand the critical issues facing both their businesses and communities. With the Minority Report, our viewers can make informative decisions for their families and hold elected officials accountable”.

Our priorities:

1. Give voice to an underserved Hispanic community.

2. Create bridges to connect the many diverse cultures Latinos in our nation.

3. Give genuine and true information while creating a conversation about the challenges that the Hispanic community faces.

4. Engage Latino viewers in our nation’s social, economic, and political discussions and debates.

5. Organizing information through a platform for Hispanic newsmakers and policymakers to reach their potential and constituents.

6. Showcase Hispanic- CEO achievers creating positive role models for the Latino youth.

7. Produce entrepreneurship educational programming that is business relevant to empower Latino Minority Business viewers.

8. Inspire Hispanic Americans viewers with daily uplifting and spiritual messages.

9. Preserve a proud Latin American heritage.

10. Recruit and train aspiring Hispanic American journalists

About Minority ReportA daily busines report that presents interviews, educational segments, news, digital development. The Minority Report operates 11 television stations in 61 markets with a multiple platform and all the major broadcast networks in Latin America. The Minority Report ’s content is delivered via multiple-platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and over-the-air channels that will deliver innovative content that will cover Latin American business both home and abroad.  The program will advocate the priorities, issues, realities, and points-of-view from important players of the Hispanic community. Our network will provide relevant news, as well as celebrate Hispanic business success, culture, and history across America.

About the U.S MCC: Assists and promotes the development of the minority sector around the world and in the United States of America in the last 20 years by generating over 32000 international companies; assisted over 50,000 Minority small businesses and organized more than 800 conferences to promote  opportunities for U.S Micro-Small Business entrepreneurs for the Caribbean and Latin America. The main goal is to foster commerce among exporters & importers; and to enhance the United States capacity and development to a new marketplace. For more information:

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