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Does our body need exercise? Why won’t you try to work out?

It’s important to remember that we have evolved from nomadic ancestors. They spent all their time moving around in search of food and shelter. Also, they travel large distances on a daily basis. Therefore, our bodies are designed and have evolved to be regularly active.

In the same way that a sports car is designed to go fast, we are designed to move. If the sports car is taken out once a week for a 3 mile round trip through a town center, then it would probably develop engine problems fairly quickly.

Over time people also develop problems if they sit down all day at a desk or in front of the TV, and minimize the amount of exercise they do.

Nowadays, especially during the time of the pandemic, it’s really hard to gather yourself and go to the gym. We spend most of our time watching TV.

This brought Vuuzle TV to produce its own series about fitness and workout, to cater your needs.

The hard time of choosing between working out and watching tv is now over. With Vuuzle TV, you can choose both!

Where to watch a free episode of working out?

Choose among vast collections of Fitness episodes in Vuuzle.TV that will surely make you fit and healthy while at home! Enjoy premium access for free, available across your devices.

Download Vuuzle.TV on IOSAndroidRoku, or online at Vuuzle.tv See tons of channels and thousands of movies all free! Vuuzle is a premium streaming service that offers live video content. Such as hit television shows, news, sports, and feature-length movies.

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Stream “Marina Fitness” on Vuuzle.TV

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Stream “Joss Fitness” on Vuuzle.TV

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Stream “Step up your home fitness game!” on Vuuzle.TV

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Choose through a wide variation of genres available on Vuuzle.TV, STREAM NOW!

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Written by: Francesca Jade Hernandez | Vuuzle Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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