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United State, 30/5/2020, Joseph Stanley – a table tennis player and owner of the website called – has stopped writing blogs and handed over his entire website to Brixton Johansson – another table tennis player. From now on, Brixton Johansson will be responsible for the website content and update.

Ping Pong Start is one of the most trusted ping pong review websites on Amazon. With the promoting to the customer whenever they buy a product via the link on Amazon, Ping Pong Start’s owner earns an affiliate commission.

However, because Joseph is recently too busy to handle the website, Ping Pong Start is therefore sold to Brixton Johnson. Since then, Brixton will take care of the website, and soon will update the reviews about table tennis, as well as introduce the newest models in the time being.

Additionally, Brixton himself is a skilled table tennis player, and for that fact, he will surely share some tips and training methods over the years on the website. Brixton Johnson said ‘Becoming an owner of a ping pong website has long been my dream. Of course, there are some difficulties I encounter at first, but I am so lucky to meet Joseph to help me. I will continue his legacy and develop it into a more prominent website, a place for beginners and experienced ones to find useful tips from my’.

About Ping Pong Start:

Ping Pong Start is developed in 2018 to help American ping pong players find information about Table Tennis Equipment such as best ping pong tables, best ping pong paddles and best ping pong robots. Besides, there is a compilation of many techniques to improve your skills and is always available for sharing.

From 2018 to 2020, the website has approximately 50 – 100 visitors daily via Google search. However, in reality, the real number of ping pong players in America is a thousand times greater. Therefore Brixton Johansson’s core objective is to reach many players via the website.

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Address: 10 Tran Phu, Ha Dong District, Hanoi, Vietnam

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